Online Gambling Ban Doomed to Fail

It is perhaps understandable that such an option is rarely considered. An important feature of the Internet is that it makes physical distance largely irrelevant, and from a bettor’s perspective it is just as convenient to wager on-line with an Antigua bookmaker as with one down the street. In the case of the bookmakers I have records for, about a quarter of the bettors appear to be New York Yankees fans who wager consistently on their team. So how successful has this regime of prohibition been at eliminating sports betting? By almost any measure it is a failure. The on-street bookmakers have experience in providing and servicing financial credit, which would be difficult for the Internet books to provide given the difficulty of enforcing a debt contract from afar. While these bans are primarily enforced by states, the federal government does get involved if wagers cross state lines or there is an alleged involvement of organized crime. There is already evidence that Internet operations have started to pay their illegal on-shore cousins to run their credit business. But the argument for legalization and regulation should have appeal for opponents and supporters of gambling alike.

Second, illegal bookmakers take advantage of people’s mistakes. The bookmakers understand this tendency and “price discriminate” (search) against such bettors: They charge them a higher price for their Yankees bets. citizens operate from bases in countries as diverse as Antigua, Costa Rica and Australia.

Koleman Strumpf, associate professor of economics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, is a visiting fellow at the  Cato Institute.


A far more sensible policy would be to legalize Internet bookmakers. soil to escape its influence, it will become harder and harder to legalize Internet gaming in the future as the bookmakers get ensconced in their offshore locations.

To begin, let’s take a closer look at betting on major sports, which is currently illegal in all states besides Nevada, regardless of whether it involves the Internet. Gambling is a subject that many feel passionately about. A legalized regime is a better way to mitigate the potential dangers of Internet betting.

Presuming the current attempts at prohibiting Internet sports betting persist, what might we expect to see? First, there will be a growing alliance between Internet bookmakers and the more traditional illegal bookmaker. This is nearly 100 times the amount bet on professional sports with legal bookmakers in Nevada.

With the steady rise of commercial activity on the Internet, Congress has been moving toward a formal prohibition of online gambling (search).

Moreover, a prohibition policy has perverse effects and encourages the behavior it seeks to curtail. Most of the bettors in my records would be considered compulsive gamblers (search), wagering almost every day and laying hundreds of dollars at a time.

Right now, Internet gambling is proliferating. I found that illegal bookmakers utilize policies that exacerbate the potential harm of gambling. A recently completed report from the National Gambling Impact Study Commission (search) estimates that individuals wager between $80 and $380 billion dollars with illegal bookmakers. I recently completed an analysis of illegal bookmakers (search) in New York City using actual records seized in a series of arrests by the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney office. There is a large demand for sports betting (search), and a large illegal sector has arisen to provide this activity despite a long-standing policy of prohibition. Because Internet gaming operations are often located outside of the U.S., there is little Washington can do to restrict their actions.

Second, prohibition will drive the Internet operators further from the U.S. This would allow policies to be put in place that could limit the potential excesses of gambling and minimize the role of the criminal element. While price discrimination does have an important role to play in free markets, it is likely that consistent use of it would be precluded if sports betting was legalized and above-board.

While such policies might spring from a moral viewpoint, they are unlikely to succeed in limiting online betting. This is illustrated by a close examination of one of the most popular forms of gambling: sports betting. A similar ban on all Internet-based sports betting also is likely to fail. Such interaction will help reinforce the influence of the illegal sector and will exacerbate the perceived problems of sports betting, such as facilitating money laundering.

The sheer size of the illegal sports betting markets only tells part of the story. As side benefits, a legalized regime would likely displace the widespread illegal operations. They know that many bettors are fans of certain teams. First, they offer short-term credit, and allow bettors to wager for a week or longer without fronting any money. Internet operations catering to U.S. As bookmakers move further from U.S

Basketball Warm Up Songs

It takes quite a bit of effort to get psyched up for any game, more so for basketball. And there’s no better way to motivate yourself, than through song. Ludacris

? Hit ‘Em High – (O.S.T.) Space Jam

? Here Comes the Boom – Nelly

? Fireman – Lil Wayne

? Amazing – Kanye West

? Can’t be Touched – Roy Jones Jr.

? Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

? Tie Me Down – New Boyz feat. It’s an amazingly fast-paced game that requires presence of mind and instant reflexes. The game is so fast, you need to be alert from the first second. Warm up songs are usually played before the match to motivate the players to play a great game. Lil Jon

? Won’t Back Down – Eminem feat. Homebwoi

? I’m A Hustla – Cassidy

Basketball is one of the most popular sports, played everywhere in the USA, as well as a lot of other countries. Brisco

? Halftime – Ying Yang Twins feat. All the Best!

You get the advantage when you realize that it’s all in your mind. These songs have upbeat rhythm, and teams usually prefer their favorite songs that complement their team characteristics.

Top 10 Warm Up Songs for Basketball

. Lil Wayne

? Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

? 25 to Life – Eminem

? Power – Kanye West

? Higher – The Game

? Don’t Stop the Party – The Black Eyed Peas

? Ready for War – 50 Cent

? The Sky Is The Limit – Lil Wayne

? Winner – Jamie Foxx

? Stronger – Kanye West

Other Popular Warm Up Tracks

Choose the songs that best depict the features of your team, and play these songs before the match or during practice sessions. Lil Jon

? What Up Gangsta – 50 Cent

? No Problem – Lil’ Scrappy

? Watch Dis – Plies

? All Night Long – Red Café

? Hell’s Bells – AC/DC

? Basketball – Kurtis Blow

? Fight Music – D12

? Roll Out – Ludacris

? Basketball Jones – Cheech and Chong

? Ambitionz Az A Ridah – 2Pac

? Gangsta Gangsta – Lil’ Scrappy

? Bout Me – Ace Hood feat. If you want to win, you need to conquer your own fears first. Those boys simply would not play ‘Drop the Handkerchief’.

- James Naismith (Inventor of Basketball)

? Invincible – Machine Gun Kelly

? Remember the Name – Fort Minor

? Heart of a Champion – Nelly

? Won’t Back Down – Eminem

? Champion – Flipsyde

? Don’t Get It – Lil Wayne

? Throw it Up – Lil Jon

? Lose Yourself – Eminem

? The Champ – Nelly

? Many Men – 50 Cent

? Put You on the Game – The Game

? Let’s Get It Started – The Black Eyed Peas

? Let’s Go – Trick Daddy feat. Ball Greezy

? Can’t See Yall – Ace Hood feat. To do that, you need to get yourself some good beats that help you stay on your feet.

? Till I Collapse – Eminem

? Bring ‘Em Out – T.I.

? Touch the Sky – Kanye West

? All I Do is Win – DJ Khaled feat. Ray J

? What’s My Name? – Snoop Dogg

? Frontline – Pillar

? We Fly High – Jim Jones

? Get Up – 50 Cent

? Been A Boss – Lil’ Scrappy ft. It was developed to meet a need. Young Dro Bohagon

? Blackout – Breathe Carolina

? Roll Out – Labelle

? In Da Club – 50 Cent

? Damn! – YoungBloodz feat.

The invention of basketball was not an accident. Pink

? One Step Closer – Linkin Park

? Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolph feat

Trading, Gambling & Las Vegas by Jeffey Wilde

This is exactly the stupidity that the casinos count on as they know the longer a gambler stays at the table the less likely the odds will stay in his/her favor.

This type of game was a sure sign that things were not going my way and probably wouldn\’t do so either. You must learn to stick with a profitable trade so that you can lock in some big trades. You should never trade markets that you don\’t understand and are difficult to trade real-time. The reason is that there is no momentum. Time after time he would lose all his money on these machines.

My ?Stop Win? strategy for the poker machines was 50 units. This is rarely the case as the casino usually gets the last laugh!

Rule 1: Choose the right game. As a result they start trading out of fear and anxiety and make a lot of mistakes.

Now in contrast, let?s look at how my Father picked a game. In gambling you need focus on a particular game that that is easy to play and understand. When I am in this situation I will walk away. When you observe this type of market behavior then it is usually better to exit the trade and wait for a new setup.

Rule 4: Money management – Use a stop loss. When you are in Las Vegas everyone has the ?Las Vegas Mentality?. This is because they are so worried about losing all the time, that they get the overwhelming desire to get out of the trade and lock in some profit.

Rule 6: Money management – Setting a stop win. In every casino there are hundreds of slot and poker machines all trying to grab your attention to get you to play.

Many traders? downfall lies in betting too big!

When you trade you must have a ?Stop Win? strategy. If I lost 30 units I would end the game and take a break.

You absolutely must decide what your ?Stop Win? strategy is before you get into the trade!

After 3 days in Las Vegas, it was interesting to see how I had a very profitable experience while my Father had the exact opposite. For example it could be when you are up 5% or $200 or 15 points etc. The same is true in trading. You absolutely must know what your risk is before you enter the trade and use protective stops to protect your capital.

When I look for a machine that can give me a \”window of opportunity\” I have 2 criteria.

First, I only look for video poker machines because you can apply certain strategies that can increase your odds. Second, I always look for ones near the casino entrance area as these machines are often programmed to pay out more frequently so that they attract attention and lure gamblers into the casino.

On the other hand, I would leave if the machine wasn?t paying out quickly. In addition, he would choose regular slot machines which didn?t allow for any strategies and would play machines that were in the middle of nowhere. He had no rules and was sucked into the first machine that grabbed his attention. He would always say, ?Just a bit longer? and I constantly watched him lose not only his profit but his entire buy-in amount as well.

I was recently taking a little RR with my parents in Las Vegas. Your strategy cousl also be based on using a trailing stop.

If this sounds like you, then by simply switching to the smaller mini forex contract where each point(pip) is worth just $1.00 you may find that all your anxiety is gone and that you trade easily and confidently.

In trading what often happen is that when the trader is quickly profitable they get really excited and at the same time nervous. I know from experience that when a machine is really hot I will be profitable practically right away and it will pay out often. How do you do this? Only trade markets you can afford to trade and also make sure you understand all the rules and nuances of it.

Many traders have no set money management plan before they get into a trade and just wing it. These characteristics give me important clues to games that want to stay in until I hit my win target.

In trading you must pick your market wisely too. They think that when they start winning that their luck will continue and they are going to get rich. If they lose just 20 pips on a trade, that is $200 and that may be way too big both financially and psychologically for the trader to stomach. When faced with this situation the average gambler will convince himself his luck will change. I decided on a bet(unit) size of $1. While I am not a big gambler, I thought I would do an experiment.

I decided to use the same rules that are essential for profitable trading and apply them to gambling.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

If you are a stock trader, you may found that trading 500 shares is way too stressful, but dropping down to 100 shares makes all the difference in the world.

Rule 3: Choose your \”windows of opportunity\” wisely. In each new game I would start with the same $100.00 buy in which gave me 100 – $1 units. For example, say you buy a stock at $10.00; you would tell yourself ahead of time that if it hits $11.00 then you are getting out. What this is is a pre-determined profit objective for you to exit at. I think alot of traders trade something just because it is popular. That is very foolish as you can have your head handed to you if you don\’t know what you are doing.. After all this effort I would still not be above my starting buy-in amount.

Take forex traders for example, when they trade a regular sized forex contract each point(pip) is worth $10.00. It could be when the market hits a particular price level. Sometimes I would sit there for 15 minutes and keep winning a few and losing a few. To some of you that may be small, but I chose this amount simply because it is nothing to me and I know that my emotions would not affect the game over this small amount of money.

Rule 5: Getting a read on the game. It is the only way to succeed as it will make up for all your losses.

Rule 2: Choose a bet size that is within your comfort level. In each instance, I took the money and ran.

It was interesting to watch my Father play as he has the ?Las Vegas Mentality? and on many occasions he would have a nice profit and I would tell him to walk away. Anytime I was above this level I would simply cash out and take a break. The only difference between us was that I had rules and he didn?t.

The problem with this is that they never ride the trade up far enough and to succeed at this game you have to fight the urge to bail out of a winning trade. In my trading courses I teach that if a trade doesn?t go your way within 5 bars it is more than likely going to turn into a loser. For example, I got real lucky in one game and hit for 220 units on one hand and another time I hit for 1240 units

Sports & Recreations :: Hobbies Articles

From the very start they were very popular with people …. They are the perfect gun for shooting small game, hitting targets with great accuracy or just to use when you are bored!

Why Hobbies are Essential to Life By Jason Pillay

The Gloster Gladiator Aifix scale model kit By Mike Chapman

Gundam Collectibles By Courtney Baur

With such a wide range of folding bikes to select from, it’s really a difficult task in hand. Researching on the web or going to bicycle retailers will additionally provide the necessary information and facts.

Do the colors of loom bands that you put into your creations and wear say something about you? Colors are chosen to wear for many reasons. Girls may …. expert, you’ll find the circuit karting experience to suit you. let it set and enjoy painting it. There are several types of air rifle but this type is …. Once you decide which is the right one (or two or three) for you, you’ll be able to turn your new diversion into a labor of love.

Loom Bands and the Science of the Colors By Wanda Carrolle

Circuit karting is a brilliant form of entry level motor racing. are feeling playful and full of strength, either way have fun and start crafting with these color meanings and show them off with loom bands creations.

Fundamental Guide For Brand New Rider On Choosing Road Bicycle By Alford Hyldgaard

Are you searching out a new avocation? Is a new hobby on the agenda? Do you want to learn how to turn your spare time into something fruitful? This article …. always read through the review first. There is nothing quite like being out in nature and feeling the thrill …. It is not just a waste of time, energy or money than what other people may think. Simply from top brands alone, many shops carry a wide …. deaths stem from the improper storing of ammunition. they used to be, children still love them. There …. By planning ahead and storing your ammunition safely you can enjoy hunting and avoid tragic accidents.

One of the most popular toys ever with kids is Beanie Babies. So choose hobbies that can truly help get you more energized.. equipment, safety accessories like helmets, front and rear lights, bells, mud-guard and so on. worried about the quality and authenticity of their purchase. It never hurts to learn more about this fun …. a lot of fun for others. Keep in mind that you are doing it for yourself. Of course, some people …. sailing school or instructor is the key to attaining the experience, knowledge and training you need to become the sailor you have always imagined being.

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Stock Photography Sites: How to Sell Your Work By Stephen Box

Safely Storing Ammunition When Hunting By Bob Fisher

When you’re attached to something, you would acquire virtually anything that helps remind you of that unique attachment. It is hard to find a quality stuffed toy that sells for about five dollars that brings so much joy to people.

The Popularity of Beanie Babies By Barry Stein

You may have heard of a break barrel air rifle, but you may not be aware of what one actually is. When a final choice is made, ride safely and enjoy your folds.

Stock Photography Sites: How to Sell Your Work Okay, so you have taken some nice pictures and would like to make a little money doing something you …. Use the tricks of the trade you have learned today, to ultimately enjoy your next gaming experience in front of your console.

There are plenty of reasons why you should make time for hobbies. You can compare various prices for you to get the best and smartest purchase. Find your nearest local karting circuit and book your first (or seventy-ninth) race today.

There are so many things involved with great video gaming and the ideas that make your experience more fun. All the thrills and excitement of F1, but at an accessible level. The Legend of Zelda (also referred to as Zeruda no Densetsu in the Japanese title) is a video game series that has been around for more than two decades …. They were originally launched in 1993. determine the specific needs of each site, i.e., what exactly are the editors looking for right now. and give each a go. hesitate to get one of these guns. do not think of anything or anyone else. This is also correct for an …. Knowing this will get you in the door much faster.

Become The Gamer You’ve Always Wanted To Be With These Tips By John Cheng

Circuit Karting: The Options By Thomas Anderson

Articles 1 – 15 :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .. Finally, it’s easy, fast, and hassle-free.

Hunting With A Break Barrel Air Rifle By Ryan Chwin

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Confused By Hobbies? Read This To End The Frustration By Oscar Neon

For those who are just getting into with cycling it is going to be tricky with your very first strive to acquire the best road bicycles for yourself. you have more price options. With …. Perhaps you could do it in white for the Finnish version- you’d have to obtain Finnish decals from another kit though

Are you fed up with the same uneventful routine every single day? Do you wish to add some adventure and excitement into your life? Does it sound appealing …. | Next

Zelda Collectibles By Courtney Baur

Tips on How To Choose Your Folding or Collapsible Bike By Casey Clement

Gloster Gladiator series 1 1/72 scale model History of the scale model kit The Gladiator should have been one of history’s footnotes but it actually …. So if you desire a high quality Zelda figure, it’s best to buy it through the internet.

Great Reasons Why You Must Learn How To Sail By Marion Trujillo

Hobbies Articles

Hunting is an extremely popular sport and pastime activity all over North America

Vegas best bets. – Free Online Library

All rights reserved.

LAS VEGAS AS ALWAYS WILL BE A HOT TOWN IN AUGUST, but the heat is on indoors, too, with new furniture introductions at the Las Vegas Market, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. SAY “THANK YOU”, “I LOVE YOU”, AND “GREAT JOB” TO SOMEONE EACH DAY. DREAMING DOES MATTER. Each wooden sign, including this design called “Say it like you mean it,” has an aged vintage finish and is made to stand alone or hang on a wall. WORK HARD. IT ALLOWS YOU TO BECOME THAT WHICH YOU ASPIRE TO.


1 Aspenhome’s latest bedroom introduction is called Reede’s Landing and features many of the company’s signature “ah” details, 2 The Albrecht Desk by Encore for Biltmore is modeled after the one found in Biltmore’s Library Den, finished with solid brass lion head accents, antiqued brackets and knobs, 3 Broy-hill is introducing the Mirren Harbor and Mirren Pointe twins, the former in a white finish and the latter in tobacco, as shown on this kitchen island with nesting table and stool set. BE CHOOSY. Sizes range from 3 inches to 30 inches and wholesale from $3 to $28.

Sign of the Times

Copyright 2010 Gale, Cengage Learning. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF-PLAN FOR LONGEVITY.

Primitives by Kathy has taken a page from the past to create its new line of vintage streetcar signs, updated to include contemporary sentiments. Check out these new offerings.

COPYRIGHT 2010 MacFadden Communications Group LLC

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

LIFE IS NOT A RACE, BUT INDEED A JOURNEY. 4 The Phillips Collection once again demonstrates its knack for repurposed wood with its Old Lumber Coffee Table with silver leaf finish. SOME OF THE BEST THINGS REALLY ARE FREE. LET YOUR HANDSHAKE MEAN MORE THAN PEN AND PAPER

New Jersey back in court in fight to legalize sports betting

New Jersey has suffered several defeats in court since the leagues sued in 2012 to stop sports gambling, but it has argued that language in a 3rd Circuit ruling from 2013 gives it the legal authority to allow sports gambling.

New Jersey is seeking to tap into a multibillion-dollar sports gambling market. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

In recent months, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred have expressed some level of support for taking a new look at legalized sports betting outside of Nevada.

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Attorneys representing New Jersey, the four professional sports leagues and the NCAA are heading to a federal appeals court in their yearslong battle over legalized sports gambling.

New Jersey back in court in fight to legalize sports betting. The state is pinning its hopes Tuesday on the 3rd U.S

Ezugi signs distribution deal to offer Knockout Baccarat game

Our games portfolio offers the best of both worlds; global popularity and regional appeal which is a rarity in the sector.”

Ezugi noted that Knockout Baccarat was extremely popular in the Asia-Pacific region, offering additional bets to baccarat players on winning totals, allowing them to boost their potential winnings.. “The added bets are extremely popular with land-based casinos and the alliance with Ezugi will allow players access online to a full range of new betting options, while playing their regular baccarat game. We look forward to the launch of these options on the Ezugi live-feed platform.”

The agreement will allow Ezugi to provide its customers with the Knockout Baccarat side-bets game, and will be available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Ezugi’s director of business development Mathias Larsson added: “There are no other live casino solution providers that can match our development agility to launch revenue enhancing live gaming products for our customers.

Racing Card Derby claims that the game can add up to 300 per cent yield on each hand of baccarat played.

Live dealer software provider Ezugi has bolstered the range of products it offers through a deal with Australian gaming technology provider Racing Card Derby.

“Knockout Baccarat has proven to increase Baccarat revenues for land-based casinos, so we are excited to be able to deliver the game to online operators as well.

“The success of baccarat is quite clear with the highest casino revenue of any table game,” Racing Card Derby chief executive Anthony Brown commented. Knockout Baccarat side-bets adds to the player excitement, increases the casino turn over and ultimately makes for a more engaging baccarat game

Nevada looks to cash in on online gambling resurgence

He said, “The core demographic for UFC is almost a perfect overlap with online poker — loves new technology, loves to play games, highly disposable income.”

In Vegas, you can find a game of poker at any casino, any hour, any day. During the Civil War, soldiers played between battles. It’s been dealt in saloons and around kitchen tables.. All Rights Reserved.

Breitling’s partner in this high stakes poker venture: Ultimate Fighting Championship. The rules have since been reinterpreted, opening the door. The state set strict regulations: players must be 21; must be in Nevada, and must stake their funding up front.

(CBS News) Online gambling was almost a bust in the U.S., but now, players are being dealt in once again, and Nevada is cashing in.

Now, Internet entrepreneur Tom Breitling wants to have poker at any computer any hour, any day. He bought and sold Vegas’ Golden Nugget, making another $100 million. Breitling’s website went online in Nevada last month and has already dealt two million hands to poker lovers.

Breitling, chairman of Ultimate Gaming, said, “When a customer feels safe, then they are willing to spend their entertainment dollars with you.”

© 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. He explained, “It starts in Nevada, and then it goes to the rest of the country.”

Watch Bill Whitaker’s report above.

Breitling started an online travel site that became Expedia.

Poker fanatic, James Placek, likes the casino, but likes online gaming better. Now, New Jersey and Delaware plan to roll out online gaming, and other states are considering it. Now he’s hoping to do for poker what he did for travel: make it accessible online. It’s long been America’s most popular card game. He sold it for $100 million profit. He’s betting young fight fans will become poker fans. Goldman said of playing, “If I’m focused on just making as much money as possible, I would say online poker is probably your best bet. You can play lots of different tables at once.”

For safety, Breitling created an ultra-safe website. “So I mean, that’s a win, win.”

With online poker expected to generate $400 million in Nevada in four years, Breitling’s betting other states will be at the table soon.

Unregulated poker flourished online for years until the federal government shut sites down in 2011 for violating interstate finance rules. But Nevada was first.

Bree Goldman is one of the players on Breitling’s site. His website might look like a standard video game — old school even. “When I get home from work, I try to spend time with the kids and the family and the wife, and then to relax, I like to get online about 10 or 11 at night and wind down before bedtime,” he said. But it’s new and it’s big

Talking Horses: Thursday’s best bets plus the latest racing news | Sport

Allez Cool was in fact the winner of that race after Harris was disqualified and the scores were recalculated when we realised our error.

All being well, Don Cossack is going to be a well-backed favourite for the Ryanair Chase but he will have a couple of statistics to overcome.

Allez Cool 7-2

Stellarta 11-2


Guards Chapel 6-1

This week’s prize is a copy of the Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide, by Paul Jones. who has had Guards Chapel, Murrayana and Achimota. Non-runners count as losers. Don Cossack is owned by the race sponsor, Michael O’Leary, and he has seen his silks twice carried into second place in his own race, by Mossbank and First Lieutenant.. Seven of the ten runners-up had also won at Cheltenham, underlining the advantage of quality course form. Previous course winners have outnumbered their rivals by 56-48 but that still doesn’t suggest the record of previous course winners should be as dominant as is the case. If you have not joined in so far this week, you are welcome to do so today, but you will start on -9.

At Southwell, Patrick (2.10) won well on his debut and was better than the bare result last time having stumbled mid-race while at Chelmsford City, Mishaal (8.10) was only edged out of it on the line last time when trying to overcome a 6lb rise in the weights and looks to be thriving at present.

Good luck!

Bobs Lady Tamure 3-1

In the event of a tie at the end of the week, the winner will be the tipster who, from among those tied on the highest score, posted their tips earliest on the final day.



Achimota 4-1

And post your tips or racing-related comments below.

They race on Thursday at Ludlow, above, where What A Good Night is the nap of the day. He goes well after a break, would have completed a hat-trick but for a fall two out at Wetherby in October while being raised 9lb in the ratings for his latest success is probably not enough to stop him today.

Tipping competition, day three

As ever, our champion will be the tipster who returns the best profit to notional level stakes of £1 at starting price on our nominated races, of which there will be three each day up until Friday. If you don’t win, you can buy a copy here.

No Deal 2-1

For terms and conditions click here.

Murrayana 2-1

by Paul Jones, author of the Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide published by Weatherbys

Click here for all the day’s racecards, form, stats and results.

Our winners so far:

The Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide is published on February 20th and available online via or by calling 01933 304776

Bearly Legal 5-1

. . Other good scores: 23skidoo +5, moidadem +4.50, Crasivo +3, orso +3.

Thursday’s best bets, by Tony Paley

Cheltenham Festival stat of the day

And our leader is …

Today, we’d like your tips, please, for these races: 3.20 Ludlow, 3.50 Ludlow, 5.10 Taunton.

Flemi Two Toes 4-1

72luca +6

Taunton is suffering small-field jumps meeting syndrome and it’s probably best to concentrate on Ludlow of the National Hunt cards today. . That’s a statistical blip, of course, as there can be no possible reason why an Irish-trained horse cannot win a Grade 1 over the intermediate trip at Cheltenham, especially as they have won six of the last 13 runnings of the Melling Chase at Aintree, which was formerly THE championship event of the season run over this kind trip, and some would still view it as such. What A Good Night (3.20) has plenty in his favour at the Shropshire track. Firstly, nine of the ten winners had won at Cheltenham before, with only Riverside Theatre preventing a clean sweep. The famous guide to winner-finding at those four days in March is now in its 16th year and more prized than ever. Another worry for Don Cossack fans is that Irish-trained horses are 0/28 in the Ryanair. Photograph: David Davies/PA

Apologies to all for the scores that were posted early yesterday, when we wrongly imagined Harris to have won on Tuesday

Contests To Win Prizes – Online Contest

Quiz about movies and academy awards puzzles attract movie buffs. That is also a chance to be taken when competing to get prizes online.

One soft drink company during cricket matches offered fabulous prizes online for a competition. There are casinos online offering prizes. Information about changes in government directives can also win prizes. But it is not the fact. Knowledge about TB day, women’s day – such days fixed for inviting attention of the people to a particular point is worth giving a prize. There are many word games for winning prize or just for practice. Game theory, does not favor anyone. Take calculated risk and win prizes on line, participating in the events offered.

Acquiring facts and figures about current events in any subject and connect them with past events is an exercise which will sustain the quest for knowledge, with an incentive like prize.

There are unscrupulous elements everywhere. They can participate in online games specially designed for children. Videos with voice, depicting a moment in a match with a particular mood like funny, new/fresh or entertainment factor clearly communicating one passion for cricket was to be uploaded. Word games like crossword puzzles, scrabble, word search, and word craft – any many such games can win prizes online.

Children can win prizes online. Few of them are single player games. Scams also find place in quiz to award a prize. If actual skills are rewarded and prizes given, the chances of players will be equal. Six winners will be selected from eligible entries that can get prizes.

Finding number of triangles in a figure and number of dots in a particular configuration in a figure can win an online prize. MOU signed with government by private corporations and changes in business act is also a subject. Calculated risks are always part of life. Entering competitions to contests to win prizes make the game more interesting. Deep knowledge about various subjects, reasoning power, logical thinking, word power, lightning responses of body and skill acquired by practice – all can win a prize online.. There are countless waiting for fleecing innocent people online. Puzzles can develop reasoning power. Knowledge about inventions, sports events and sportsmen can win prizes online.

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Most of the board games and card games depend on luck or statistics of occurrence of an event at a particular moment. Even corporate level decisions making involves some factor of risk