Online Gambling Ban a Bad Bet for Republicans

Good poker players will turn a profit, which is why lots of people make a living playing the game (as opposed to say, slot machines or roulette).

If Frist’s move was underhanded, it was also wholly appropriate, given the way the GOP has handled this issue. Leach and Goodlatte, along with Sens. Most I’d imagine were intimidated by the U.S. The people who are going to be affected by the ban are the millions of Americans who play online poker recreationally — and responsibly. When that didn’t work out, he fell back on the last-minute port security bill.

In the wee hours of the last night of the last session of Congress, Majority Leader Bill Frist attached a ban on Internet gambling to a port security bill.

Despite all of the dire warnings from the ban’s supporters about fraud, graft, and preying on minors, this bill will actually make all of those problems worse. Frist and John Kyl, frequently used the words “untaxed” and “unregulated” when describing the estimated $12 billion Americans wager each year online. troops in Iraq. Watchdog groups have sprung up to monitor the fairness and integrity of these sites (private, non-government regulation — imagine that!).

Most online wagers are made in poker rooms. Problem gamblers and minors will still be able to find places online to make wagers.

The two Republican congressmen pushing the ban in the House of Representatives, for example, — Rep. airports and tossing them in prison, despite the fact that their businesses were legal in the country where they were incorporated, and where they were citizens (think of the implications there for Americans traveling abroad)

Reps. They are taxed and regulated, just not by the U.S. soil. This largely apolitical group could well get politically motivated the first time they try to log on, and are told their small-stakes poker game has now been outlawed by the Republican leadership in Congress. Of course, some (like me) would argue that the nature of poker is beside the broader point: preventing people from playing games of chance simply isn’t a legitimate function of the federal government.

There’s also no telling who’s behind them. These sites will be far more prone to fraud, won’t much care about the age of their customers, and customers who are defrauded will have no recourse.

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Some say the GOP pushed this ban to light a fire under family values voters. Most of those sites also have vigilant child-protection measures in place, and some even have stopgap features players who know their own weaknesses can use to limit their betting. Poker is a game with some element of chance, but with a significant component of skill. Goodlatte and Leach would have us believe, the bill Jack Abramoff was pushing was also a prohibition on poker, sports wagering, and casino games. Department of Justice’s recent penchant for plucking foreign gaming site executives out of U.S. If this was a political move, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll backfire, and cost the GOP more votes than it wins them.

In addition to invoking Abramoff, the ban’s supporters frequently invoked the “for the children” canard, and relayed anecdotes about problem gamblers who frittered away their kids’ college education with online wagers. The debate — to the extent that there has actually been one — has been marred by misdirection, red herrings, and a certain obliviousness among the bill’s supporters to, well, reality.

In the Senate, Frist first tried to attach the ban to a bill reauthorizing funding for U.S. The bill bans online poker, sports wagering and casino games, but doesn’t touch state lotteries or horse racing (which, by the way, has in the past made some meaty contributions to Rep. He publishes the weblog,

What does seem clear is that none of the people behind this bill were interested in thoughtful debate, any serious consideration of the bill’s implications or consequences, or the principle of a limited, “leave us alone” federal government.

Before this bill was rushed through the Senate, cautious poker players or sports bettors could choose to patronize companies that are subject to market regulation, or are incorporated in countries that respect the rule of law. taxes, and be subject to U.S. customers. Many of the major gaming sites are publicly traded, and/or incorporated in countries like Great Britain or Canada. Were online gambling legalized and regulated, we’d likely see trusted names like Harrah’s, Bally, and MGM get into the business.

It only gets worse from there. But they’re “untaxed” and “unregulated” because Congress made online gambling illegal in the first place, pushing gaming sites offshore.

Poker professionals — three of whom came to D.C. Bob Goodlatte — tried for months to sell the ban as an effort to exorcise the scourge of Jack Abramoff from the Congress and the Republican party, as if Abramoff were the reason the bill never passed in the first place.

Polls show that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to a federal ban on Internet gambling. The overwhelming majority do so responsibly. And it also contained exemptions for state lotteries, as requested by one of Abramoff’s clients, eLottery.

Radley Balko is a senior editor with Reason magazine. customers, who is that going to affect? The problem gambler? The curious minor who swiped his parents’ credit card?

Any attempt to prohibit consensual activity is going to create black and gray markets. When the lobbying reform package fell apart, the Republicans tried a new approach, bundling the ban with flag burning, gay marriage, and a number of policies on the GOP social agenda as part of the “American Values” agenda. Jim Leach and Rep. The legitimate, law-abiding gaming sites may now be out of reach for Americans, but that’ll create a niche for truly unregulated sites. Goodlatte’s campaign chest).

Contrary to what Reps. laws and regulations. Others say their intent was more nefarious — to protect established gambling interests from online competitors. government.

So once the major gaming sites stop doing business with U.S. They’d rather carry the seal of legitimacy that comes with being recognized and incorporated on U.S.

At the very least, there are surely items on the DOJ’s agenda that ought to be of higher priority — fighting terrorism, for example.

In fact, the major gaming sites are begging to be both taxed and regulated. They’d much rather set up shop in the U.S., pay U.S. Industry experts estimate that some 15-20 million Americans wager online each year. But it’s probably a safe bet (pardon the pun) to say that the people operating black market, blatantly illegal gambling sites will include a significant criminal element.

It was a dubious maneuver, which not only prevented any real floor debate over the ban, but also attached an intrusive, unnecessary, big government measure to a bill that addressed important national security concerns. That’s how it passed the House.

In fact, the bill we now have is nearly identical to the bill Jack Abramoff would have wanted. earlier this year to speak against the ban — argue that the game isn’t really gambling at all. But that $12 billion per year is going to simply dry up. This meant that any senator who held the position that what Americans do with their own money in their own homes on their own time is none of the government’s business couldn’t vote against the gambling ban, lest they risk being smacked about the head with the “soft on national security” cudgel.

Not likely. At the very least, it’s not a particularly addictive form of wagering. In truth, there has yet to be a significant peer-reviewed study of online gambling habits, and whether they’re more or less conducive to addictive behavior (there have been studies of state lotteries, however, and most show them to be among the most addictive forms of gambling).. There may be some truth in both of those explanations, though I think the main motivation for the bill was simply the moral aversion to gambling held by its chief sponsors — Goodlatte, Kyl, and Leach — and a desire to impose that moral rectitude on the rest of the country.

Immediately after the ban passed Congress, many of the major gaming sites announced they’d no longer do business with U.S

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They now want a confirmed ticket, and will not accept an open ticket. Colonial ports painted in pastels beckon with a kaleidoscope of delightful markets, old forts and beaches. But actually it is not the case. It slows down your metabolic rate thus causing you to burn fewer calories. And every cruise line out there is competing for your attention, doing everything thing they can to lure you onboard.

You can have the vacation of a lifetime, see the world, completely unwind, take a walk on the wild side, dance the …

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How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill

By: Osvaldo Mcdougal | –

Add fruits and veggies for your food. The city has long been a hub for Army activities and now has a burgeoning software industry.

But Pune is a city with a rich past; it is inextricably l …

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Cruise Ship Vacations Are An Exceptional Approach To Travel.

By: Mary Hanna | – A Cruise Ship is about not anything if it’s not about having choices: sleeping in from a late evening disco get-together or savoring a cup of latte as the sun rises over your balcony; dressing up for a formal evening or lacing up for a race around an inline skating course. Individuals with enjoyment in thoughts have numerous touring options and have a wonderful time in Bangalore. If you feel that your business could benefit from starting to use DVDs or expanding your current use of this medium, here are the answers to all your questions about DVDs to promote your business.

The first question you may ask is why you should use DVDs. If you feel that your business could benefit from starting to use DVDs or expanding your current use of this medium, here are the answers to all your questions about DVDs to promote your business.

The first question you may ask is why you should use DVDs.

What do I look at …

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Normally I go to Singapore to get a 60-day tourist visa, but the last time I went, they refused to give me a 60-day visa because I have an open e-ticket back to Canada. Below are fantastic luxurious accommodations in England.

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Under the slogan “Heaven on Earth”, the enterprise 4 star superior hotel’s main target audience of second-home markets, investment and holidays, and may also act as a primary residence in a condominium. Its excellent educational facilities and therefore large student population make for a vibrant nightlife and energetic atmosphere. If, perhaps you have already used the Easy-Email setup to synchronize outlook using Gmail as the hub, now you can connect to your Outlook email coming from each and every of your own personal computers.

Nevertheless, this means that now you m …

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Dealert Paul: With the gift-giving shop …

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Hello and welcome to Learn Italian with mondelio!

It’s your place to learn and speak Italian on site, on line and over the phone with our coaches.

Learning Italian is a great way to improve your life, and its never too late to learn. Waterman | – England delivers a whimsical array of heritage, society and scenery, stretching within the intriguing countryside and towns into the imposing mountainous landscapes with large accommodations for visitors and visitors. The scale and breadth of investment over the last decade in India and China suggests companies are looking to these countries as both revenue and margin opportunities, and as a destination for both manufacturing and R …

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The Bienville House has all of the unique elegance of a French Quarter Manor. Guests can enjoy the Sydney experience in the Shangri La’s sumptuous comfort and style in this five star property.

The Shangri La is located in the historic Rocks district which was the colonial birthplace of Sydney. Asia presents a rich and relatively untapped market for the global cruise industry, with its exciting variety of cultures, cuisines as well as leisure and entertainment options. it is good if you have a trainer assist you, If you could …

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Bangalore Hotels Fulfill Particular Needs Of Travelers

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The Garden Town of Native indian, Bangalore has developed into one of the latest locations of IT in the recent times. A nexus for technology the city is on a rise with its software and IT industry run by young professionals. There are a few expat bars near the Sofitel Hotel and a few Thai clubs scattered throughout the city.

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By: jdgranja | – Eden resort project which marks the debut of the developer GRUPO DUARTE IN RESIDENTIAL TOURISM requires a 60 Millions investment.

The Eden Resort, the first project of Grupo Duarte in residential tourism, open doors in the day of Portugal, June 10th at Albufeira.

There Are Many Las Vegas Hotels But None Beat The Bellagio Hotel

By: Mary Hanna | – For real European elegance go to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s great to know English for your job, carrier or whether you are traveling to an English-speaking country, have English -speaking family, friends and colleagues. The way a laptop keyboard cramps your hands is sometimes enough to keep you from getting the job done right.

Here are four technology “must-haves” for the mobile office …

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Why should hotels consider pampering their guests that are staying in hotels near Buckingham Palace or even hotels near Waterloo? Hotels, even a small Vauxhall hotel in London, may set themselves apart from competitors by offering guests noteworthy surprises. This is actually the time when mini hotel software performs an important component. Their blend of low cost and high capacity makes them perfect for the dissemination of all kinds of information including text, audio and video. It stresses the importance of backing up the travel videos onto computer to enjoy the aftertaste.

Hanami is the traditional Japanese festival to appreciate the beauty of cherry blossom held from March to early May once a year. You have filled out all of the cruise documentation, do this at home, don’t wait to get to your cruise ship, and now you are ready for this highly anticipated cruise. Experience the laid-back charm …

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How Do Online Weight Loss Programs Work

By: Bernardo Chambliss | – Eat mini-meals. A little virtual ingenuity may be in order. For business people taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro, these three won’t locate any company accommodations than you.

Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana …

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You can have the sojourn of a lifetime, see the globe, thoroughly unwind, grab a walk on the wild si …

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Located in Colchester street, Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon, the Crowne Plaza Resort Colchester – 5 Lakes may be the main resort lodge in South Ea …

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Portland Maine taxi cabs e …

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We want it to be easier for you to select an online registration provider because you have a lot to gain from making the switch. It is ideal for busy malls, hotel lobbies, reception areas of offices, cafes where you need to keep an eye on an ever changing public, but don”t want to give the impression of big brother is watching. If you enjoy learning so …

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By: Forrest Alexander | – As the economy in Brazil is jumping Rio de Janeiro has always been a hotspot for business travelers. Small guest houses, intermediate hotels and a 5-star accommodation are available.

Nightlife can be found but don’t expect it be comparable to Pattaya or Bangkok. These resorts ranges from luxurious hotels, boutiques and compact ones along with your alternatives rely on the budget. For many of these firms, according to a 2011 Jones Lang LaSalle report, Asia is clearly an area of focus, particularly India and China. It slows down your kcalorie burning for that reason causing you to burn fewer calories. Also, it looks like part of the ceiling so that it cannot be detected by anyone except someone who is well-versed with security devices. Trim Down Club Reviews (visit the following internet page). Oz in Oprah once explained, ‘a clean colon is just a happy mind.’ colon is clear When, the human body is too.

Voluntary Deductible: Voluntary deductible will be the repair cost that the policy-holder decides to pay in the event a claim arises. A …

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They enable us to write and edit documents and make sure they are laid out in the correct font and style that we wish, complete with a uniform style of headings, sub headings, spaces between paragraphs, whatever we require.

Great Reasons Why You Should Manage Your Outlook Email From Gmail

By: Maggie May | – Among the strengths of putting together Outlook synchronization employing the Easy-Email solution is you could consistently gain access to your email, in spite of your physical location or whether you have your laptop along with you or you don’t. women and Men tend to get fat in their mid-section significantly more than in almost any other part of their body.

The PROPER Nutrition – I fell for that fad diet cons before… For a spot of activity, sapphire-blue waters promise adventures above and below the waves. The Net will never let you down.

10 Often Overlooked Online gift Opportunities

While you may not be in a position to order something that will need to be delivered across the country the day before Valentine’s Day …

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One would think that spacious rooms aesth …

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By: Michiel Van Kets | – DVDs or digital versatile discs or digital video discs offer many uses to a business. Of all the Las Vegas hotels the Bellagio Hotel has it all, luxurious rooms’ delicious upscale restaurants, great shopping and fine art displayed throughout the gorgeous Bellagio Hotel. Now, 2013 Sakura viewing season is underway from Okinawa where the cherry flow …

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Learn English With Free English Lesson On Line With Mondelio

By: Elio Mondello | – Hello and welcome to Learn English with mondelio!

It’s your place to learn and speak English on site, on line and over the phone with our coaches.

Learning English is a great way to improve your life, and its never too late to learn. Another thing about the financial loan service is in which their credit score improve this that are past their capacity of handling . This is stupid, if you ask me. It’s great to know Italian for your job, carrier or whether you are travelling to an Italian-speaking country, have Italian-speaking family, friends and colleagues. These are rich in fiber. I told the lady at the front desk that if the violence in Bangkok gets bad, I can phone Air Canada and be on my way next day, so an open ticket is much bette …

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A Bahamas Family Vacation At The Atlantis Hotel On Paradise Island

By: Mary Hanna | – If splashing in the sea on your family vacation is a must, then head over to Paradise Island and the Atlantis hotel, a full service resort, in the Bahamas. The Atlantis Resort, in the Caribbean, has a 14 acre waterscape filled with water slides sure to excite kids of all ages and will please everyone on your family vacation.

Now is the best time to be planning a Bahamas family vacation. Here we have given some restaurants review, based on the food they used to prepare.

The Outback Sizzles, Restaurant Review

A restaurant with a different name and cuisine, Outback. A crystal blue pool is surrounded by a flagstone courtyard and is overlooked by many of the room’s wrought iron balconies. It is also a major industrial centre, growing rapidly every year. In this paper we will help you understand what to look for and which questions to ask when selecting an online registration provider

Protect Your Family And Property From Criminals

By: Will Frazer | – The best thing about a dome CCD camera is that it is fitted in the ceiling so that most people won”t even think of looking there. Productivity suffers when you’re in an unfamiliar place. There are a few cruises tips about embarkation day that you should know before you head for your cruise vacation.

Keep all of your documents with you, that includes tickets …

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By: Mary Hanna | – There are many New Orleans Hotels but for a Boutique Hotel in the very heart of New Orleans there is one that holds a higher standard, The Bienville House on the edge of the French Quarter. English is the worlds most used business and political language, and with the large numbers of people learning English as a second language it is quickly becoming the worlds most spoken international language, therefore anyone who wants to progress in the world needs to be able to read and speak English! The fact that E …

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T …

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Learn German With Free German Lesson On Line With Mondelio

By: Elio Mondello | – Hello and welcome to Learn German with mondelio!

It’s your place to learn and speak German on site, on line and over the phone with our coaches.

Learning German is a great way to improve your life, and its never too late to learn. Shortly set-to mind one of the world’s top three economies, the enterprise cash in Brazil has stunning beaches, amazing cultural destinations, a few of the greatest food in the region and, today, a few of the world’s best business hotels also. Escape to blissful tranquillity, where palm trees sway contentedly in the tropical breeze and sandy white beaches are wrapped in turquoise waters. There are four sundecks for you t …

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“??tis The Season”??for Webos Apps

By: Palm | – Depending on whether youre a glass-half-empty kind of person or more of the glass-half-full type, youre either relieved that you survived Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and (if you can think back that far) Thanksgiving, or youre looking forward to the next month with a twinkle in your eye. The area offers a huge variety of restaurants, bars and pubs as well as great shopping.

Looking After The Pennies In Microsoft Project

By: Rich Talbot | – Your budget is likely to be split among many different variables and it is important to factor in bills and fees for the smallest elements of your assignment, as well as the largest.

Many project managers think big when calculating whether they have enough funding to carry out their tasks. You can get KFC and Pizza or you can eat noodles and rice from street vendors. The hotel is positioned between the gorgeous Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge breaks down Louisiana Governor’s opposition to online gambling – National Online Poker

Jindal’s Double Standard

In an excellent summary of the situation that can be found at, Jindal comes out not only against online gambling expansion in Louisiana, but also as an advocate for a federal ban of online gambling by overturning the recent change in the Department of Justice’s interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act, which now states that the wire act only applies to sport-betting, and not to intrastate online gambling.

“A powerful pressure campaign out of Washington led by special interests is leading the push to make casino gambling available 24/7 on cellphones and computers, with three states already authorizing it.”

Luckily for online gambling proponents it would seem that Louisiana’s legislature is not in lockstep with the Governor, as a survey conducted by that was cited in the article lists Louisiana as one of the 10 states most likely to consider online gambling expansion.

Jindal, a bastion of social conservatism, came out against online gambling in an editorial he penned for called Internet gambling a bad bet for American middle class, where his arguments echo of those of Adelson and his CSIG group.

The difference between the regulating online gambling and passing an ineffective ban, is that the states that have passed online gambling bills are now offering their residents consumer protections and a regulated environment, not to mention hefty licensing fees and tax revenue coming directly from the online gaming sites -In two months New Jersey has pocketed over $2.5 million in tax revenue alone from the fledgling industry.

Jindal’s Lack Of Research

So it would seem that Governor Jindal isn’t against gambling per se; he is against one specific type of gambling; the type that occurs online.

Jindal’s editorial also makes the unfortunate mistake of echoing one of Sheldon Adelson’s key talking points:

In their crusade to ban online gambling, Sheldon Adelson and his anti-online gambling group, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG), have picked up a powerful and influential ally in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

Of course, any bill passed by the legislature would have to also get by the desk of Bobby Jindal and his veto pen.

The Louisiana legislature commissioned a study on online gambling in March of 2013, led by Representative Mike Huval who feels, “Louisiana has the potential to benefit economically by legalizing Internet gaming.”

What Jindal is failing to mention is that online gambling has been available, uninterrupted, in the United States since the 1990’s; just in an unregulated form. It is already available 24/7 on any cell phone or computer, whether you live in a state that has legalized and regulated it or not.

Additionally, there has already been grumblings in Louisiana that an online gambling bill will be introduced this year, after Louisiana Gaming Control Board chairman Ronnie Jones presented the regulatory body’s findings to the legislature, where Jones remarked of online gamblers in Louisiana, “They’re playing anyway, but it’s not regulated by the government, it’s not sanctioned by the government or taxed by the state.”

Louisiana Legislature Disagrees

If Jindal’s concern is the predatory nature of online gambling (his words not mine) how does he mesh that conclusion with the fact that his state offers video poker machines in bars, gas stations, and restaurants? This seems to be the very definition of predatory gambling.

What Jindal and Adelson are essentially asking for is for the status quo: for online poker players in the US to continue playing on less restrictive unregulated offshore sites.

This new stance by the DOJ paved the way for states to pass online gambling legislation -three did: New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware– and now Adelson and his followers are pushing for that opinion to be overturned by Congress, whom they hope will pass a “Wire Act Fix” that would outlaw virtually all forms of online gambling.

As points out in this news story, Jindal is leaving out a major piece of information in his anti-online gambling remarks; the fact that Louisiana offers their residents a number of gambling options.

How to Perform a 411 Reverse Lookup

Or you may have faced situations wherein you have come across a scrap of paper with a number scribbled on it, only to have no memory of whose number it is or when you noted it down. A great thing about a 411 lookup is that these services are completely free of cost as the information they provide is publicly listed.

As embarrassing as the situation is there are times when you pick up the phone to have a long conversation with someone, only to have that niggling worry at the back of your mind that you have no idea who you are talking to. Before you conduct a reverse phone lookup, it is absolutely essential that you ensure that the service you are using is a reputable one and not stuck in any sort of legal tangles.

Of the many services that are available to you to find out who that person who is hounding you with blank calls is, one of the best services available to you may be a 411 reverse phone lookup. The process of using a 411 reverse phone lookup is very easy. A 411 service being a free reverse phone number directory provides you with not just the name and address but may also give you information like the person’s age, etc. In order to gain access to these databases, they need to give them a fee and also sign an agreement that disallows them from giving out the information for free. This payment also acts as a security measure as with information that you give them like a credit card number, they can conduct checks in case they think that any illegal activity is being conducted with the information. When you use such a service, you get access to all those numbers that are publicly listed which is why this service cannot be used to track cell phone owners. Whatever the situation, it becomes important to figure out whose number it is. This is why it is absolutely impossible that any of these 411 reverse phone lookup services will provide free cellphone reverse lookup. These services are available in many countries including America and Canada. Using such a service will allow you to locate the source of any number that you have, provided that the number is publicly listed. They may advertise the service as free but in reality there are costs to the service. It saves you the time and effort you need to put into looking up those thick phone directories.. The only information that a user receives free of cost is the knowledge that the company possesses the information you are looking for. Enter the number that you want to trace and you will have all the information you want. Many 411 reverse phone lookup services also gather information from search engine results and therefore, may give you information like geographical stats of the place where the person is located and also the type of phone line, and service provider.

How to Conduct a 411 Reverse Phone Lookup

Do you want to put a stop to the prank calls you are being hounded by? Use 411 reverse lookup services in order to find out who this person is and how to stop the harassment.

411 reverse lookup services sometimes also gives you facilities to conduct a 411 reverse address lookup search. In such a scenario, one of your best bets may be to use a 411 reverse lookup that will allow you to get the name and address of the person whose number you possess.

Reverse Phone Lookup: The Service

What is a reverse phone lookup? Services like 411 allow you to obtain information like the name and address of a person, when the only information you have is a phone number. They will then ask you to deposit a sum of money in order to access the data they have after conducting a 411 reverse cell phone lookup or land line lookup. Most organizations and companies that offer reverse phone lookup services obtain the information they need from publicly listed directories and by accessing the database that phone and mobile service providers have

Oil Odds — Bettors Predict U.S. Price Per Gallon, Barrel

WagerWeb is one of the Internet’s largest betting sites offering odds surrounding the hottest issues in worldwide, entertainment and sporting news.

“Whether betting on the climate, celebrity happenings, legal cases or the short term future of the oil industry, our bettors want to wager on what they see and hear in the news everyday,” says Dave Johnson, CEO of With nearly 10 years of experience, innovation and gaming technology, features a sportsbook, a racebook and casino including poker, and has accepted more than 59,000,000 wagers since the company’s launch.

About WagerWeb

Which will be the first country on the list to halt crude oil exports

to the United States?

Venezuela -300 (1 to 3)

Nigeria +400 (4 to 1)

Saudi Arabia +600 (6 to 1)

Mexico +800 (8 to 1)

Angola +1000 (10 to 1)

Ecuador +1200 (12 to 1)

Algeria +1400 (14 to 1)

Kuwait +2000 (20 to 1)

United Kingdom +3000 (30 to 1)

Canada +4000 (40 to 1)

Field +5000 (50 to 1)

Will the price of crude oil hit $100 per barrel before December 31st,

2006? (source: NYMEX)

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. He adds, “In a way, we are ‘polling our bettors’ just like newspapers or online magazines do,” suggesting that betting trends on portray the opinions of the general public. Additionally, the odds ask bettors which country would be the first to stop exporting its oil to the United States. 9, 2006–On the heels of the closing of the BP pipeline in Alaska, the Middle East conflicts, as well as a looming holiday weekend, (, posted odds today asking bettors to predict the future of oil prices and trade for the United States. Odds are currently posted as follows:

. Will the United States’ average national price of regular gasoline

hit $4 per gallon before December 31st, 2006?

Yes +300 (3 to 1)

No -400 (1 to 4)

Yes +300 (3 to 1)

No -400 (1 to 4), founded in 1997, is a privately held, offshore online gaming company, fully licensed and located in San Jose, Costa Rica

Empire City Casino Doubles Down On Efforts To Help New York Rebuild

Although some homeowners will receive assistance from private insurances, FEMA, and other funding sources, in many cases New Yorkers will face a substantial gap between the cost of repair or replacement of their homes and the assistance available. The Casino also served as a hub for Con Edison to distribute dry ice and blankets to residents in need. By matching those funds dollar for dollar, our employees and customers will know that their generosity can go a long way in this effort.”

“I applaud Tim Rooney and the leadership of Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway for their tremendous generosity and spirit of citizenship towards the Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts,” said Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer. “I applaud Tim Rooney for his generosity and support in helping relief efforts through Catholic Charities and the Governor’s Relief Fund. We share the sentiments of Mr. “Whether you donate $2 or $2,000, it will make a difference. Cash donations can also be accepted. His generous philanthropic efforts largely go unmentioned but he deserves our thanks and our support to raise needed funds that can help put people’s lives back together.”

“I applaud Governor Cuomo and Mr. “With charitable donations such as this and hard work, I am confident we will overcome this disaster.”

Building on those efforts Rooney and the Casino are now encouraging employees and customers to support rebuilding efforts through the Governor”s Relief Fund and have pledged to match up to $100,000 in contributions made by employees and customers to the Fund.

“I commend our friends at Empire City Casino for their generous contributions to our fellow New Yorkers,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “All of us in Yonkers are joined with our New York City neighbors during this tough time. The Empire State Relief Fund will focus efforts on filling the funding gap to ensure that countless New Yorkers can continue to call the Empire State home.. The devastation New Yorkers suffered from this storm is unspeakable,” Rooney continued. “It is a perfect example of good corporate citizenship, as we all pull together to help those most devastated by the effects of Hurricane Sandy,” continued Latimer. Rooney that this is a moment for those who can to contribute to aid this critical relief effort.”

The Empire State Relief Fund will distribute funds to the hardest hit areas across the region, specifically directed at costs associated with providing long-term housing and the rebuilding of homes. Tim Rooney of Empire City Casino for their great efforts put forth to assist the people of our State in their time of need,” said Assemblyman J. Contributions are being accepted on-site at the Empire City Casino Redemption Booth. All funds collected will be matched by Empire City Casino up to $100,000.

“We are extremely grateful to the generosity of Tim Rooney and his team at Empire City Casino for placing the needs of their fellow New Yorkers at the top of their priority list,” said Assemblyman and Senator-elect, George Latimer. “I felt it was imperative to make this pledge to highlight that no effort is too small. “With this donation, on top of what has already been pledged, Tim Rooney and the employees of Empire City Casino are once again pitching-in in a big way to support our ongoing relief and recovery efforts, and help those hit hard by Hurricane Sandy begin to rebuild their lives.”

As New York embarks on a massive rebuilding effort after the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy, Tim Rooney, President and CEO of Empire City Casino has pledged to match up to $100,000 of contributions made by employees and customers to the Empire State Relief Fund announced by Governor Cuomo, to supplement the $500,000 the Casino has already contributed towards relief efforts.

“There are no greater deeds than charity and service,” said Rooney. The restaurant staff has prepared and delivered trays of hot food to area shelters as well.

“The devastation from hurricane Sandy has displaced so many from their homes and caused tremendous damage and hardship for people in New York City, Westchester and all of downstate,” said Senator Jeff Klein. The Empire City culinary team was also dispatched to hard hit coastal areas to fire up grills and feed hot meals to thousands of first responders and residents. “During this time of Thanksgiving, we should follow Empire City”s lead and provide for those individuals suffering the most during these difficult and stressful times. Gary Pretlow. Checks should be made payable to Empire State Relief Fund. “The contribution of financial resources is equaled by the example of care and concern that marks Empire City Casino as a very special neighbor.”

Rooney said the Casino made a $500,000 donation to the Catholic Charities Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery Fund established by the Archdiocese of New York soon after the storm hit. There is no better time than now to lend a helping hand to our family and friends in New York.”

“As our state recovers from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, time and time again the generous spirit of New Yorkers is on full display with organizations, businesses, and individuals stepping up to the plate to help those in need,” Governor Cuomo said

Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

Generally, people fear to indulge in something illegal. Probably, one good solution to prevent the ill-effects of gambling is to make it illegal.

Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

Gambling can lead people to criminal practices. Strict laws against gambling can prevent the number of people indulging into gambling.

Gambling refers to the process of staking money in view of gaining more. Those addicted to gambling are often seen giving up their jobs and careers, thus spoiling their precious lives.

Gambling is meant to serve as a recreation.

Gambling leads people to borrow money and take secret loans for betting. It may lead them to a stage where they cannot stop themselves from betting money and valuables, in turn leading them to bankruptcy. People engage in gambling activities to get rid of their problems, stress and loneliness. It can lead you to addiction wherein you might end up losing great amounts of money with the greed of gaining more. Gambling is something that blurs that line. Crime can best be curbed through the use of law and order. However, gambling often turns out being a thoughtless splurge of money and a waste of quality-time.

What are the adverse effects of gambling? How does it affect society? Should gambling be illegal? Let’s take a look at the reasons why gambling should be illegal.. If addiction to gambling is entitled to punishment, gambling practices might become less prevalent in society. Those addicted to gambling fail to think wisely before taking any decisions in life. Their addiction forces them to risk huge amounts of money. These practices can perhaps best be curbed through the use of rules and regulations. An excessive indulgence in gambling can lead to severe problems like crime. Many a time, law serves as the best stickler.

Making gambling illegal can solve this problem to a major extent, as it will keep an efficient check on the prevalence of gambling practices in society. They tend to remain away from something that is banned by law. It gives rise to several ill-practices that can eclipse your family and social life. When it comes to making money, one has to draw a line between need and greed

NBA commissioner calls for legalization of U.S. sports betting

REUTERS/Mike Stone”/>

(Reuters) – National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver called on the U.S. Congress to pass legislation that would let states legalize and regulate sports betting across the United States, in an op-ed published by the New York Times on Thursday.


“Without a comprehensive federal solution, state measures such as New Jersey’s recent initiative will be both unlawful and bad public policy,” he wrote.

Though Silver urged that any law should include regulations including age-verification tools, measures to identify and ban people with gambling addictions, among other restrictions.

“I believe that sports betting should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated,” he wrote.

Silver said there was a widespread desire among sports fans to bet on games, fueling an underground gambling economy that by some estimates draws $400 billion in the country annually.

Silver pointed to examples of gambling on sporting events outside the United States, highlighting Britain where bets can be placed on smartphones, at stadiums, and through the television, he said.

. sports bodies, who feared it could lead to cheating and distortion of athletic competition.

The NBA and other sports leagues filed a lawsuit against the New Jersey gambling bill days before the hold was announced, arguing that it would cause irreparable harm and violated a federal law that bans sports betting in all but four U.S. (Reporting by Curtis Skinner in San Francisco; Editing by Toby Chopra)

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Previous attempts to widen the spread of sports betting have been strongly resisted by U.S. states.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks at a press conference before Game 2 of the NBA Finals basketball series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat in San Antonio, Texas, June 8, 2014.

New Jersey officials hoped that legalized sports wagering would generate more revenue for Atlantic City’s gambling industry, which has lost customers to a spate of new casinos opening in nearby states.

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The editorial – written by the man who runs one of the world’s most popular and valuable sports leagues – comes just weeks after a federal judge temporarily blocked a recently signed New Jersey law that would allow wagering on sports events at state-licensed casinos and racetracks.

“Let me be clear: Any new approach must ensure the integrity of the game,” Silver said in his article.



Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:37am EST

Credit: Reuters/Mike Stone

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks at a press conference before Game 2 of the NBA Finals basketball series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat in San Antonio, Texas, June 8, 2014

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Fantasy Sports | Fan Duel

Though the competition is fierce, your research and gut instinct could land you the breakout players who win you the $25,000!

The salary cap for each contest varies and could affect the way you create your team.

3. Users can enter into any tournament ranging from freerolls to $535. Better chances than the lottery to win big money! (Lottery- 1 in 135,145,920 vs Fanduel- 1 in 13,380).

3- Wide Receivers

The 3 types are as follows:

This is where research and skill come in. That is 1000x the money you put in! Unfortunately, there are 13,380 users going for the same goal. The top few places (usually top 10%) are paid out at a high rate compared to the money put in. I find this better than the H2H games because there is more space and room for error.

Signing up for Fan Duel can be an additional source of income, a career, and overall fun!

Fan Duel is a daily fantasy football (and other sports) site that allows you to bet on daily or weekly games.

1- Quarterback

Tournaments require users to find players who will breakout to separate themselves from the rest. These are more traditional in the way they are set up. Let’s take a look at them below.. That’s just me though, there are plenty of people who play league games as they are always offered and filled throughout the week.

Next we have the Tournament contests. Source of income (Winning consistently through knowledge and skill).

These types of contests are my favorite. H2H sets 2 players against one another in a winner takes all competition. Sure, you can get lucky and pick a random team and win the contest. The payouts are either winner takes all or top 10% paid out. Unfortunately, you will lose your more to those who do their research in the long run. I personally find league contests harder to win and feel they are kind of boring (too low a chance to win only a maximum of 50x the money). To be even more realistic, his dollar win amount for the month was probably over $300,000.

Now let’s look at the different contest types.

Player positions are as follows:

Each player has a value determined by the Fan Duel system. Simply outscore your opponent to double your money! Simple enough right? H2H can almost seem like a coin flip, but know your stuff, and you’ll see yourself winning at a rate of better than 50%.

Each type has its pros and cons. Even if he only played the $5 double or nothings, he theoretically made a minimum of $128,130. Your starting bankroll may be much smaller than Condia’s, but with patience and careful execution, you too can be a fantasy pro!

Once funds are transferred, you can enter as many contests as you want given your bankroll.

1- Team Defense

1- Kicker

The first contest type we’ll look at is the H2H (Head to Head) contest. There is no limit to how much you can play/bet, and there are plenty of people making their whole living off of Fan Duel. For example, the user Condia on Fan Duel had 12,813 wins for the month of September. With these players, you want to score the most amount of fantasy points in that week to win. The premise is simple, you enter any league you want, pick your team given the budget for the league, watch the games and win money. The trick is to budget players that are considered “value players” for the week. For proof, there are players who are making a living off of Fan Duel and other sports betting websites. The goal is to score better than half (or third in triple or nothing) the field playing in the contest. The drawback is that there are many more entrants involved to win the high payout.

1- Tight End

Standard- $60,000

When you enter a contest, you are asked to create a team roster with a specific budget.

In order to play in Fan Duel contests, players need to deposit money via paypal or credit card.

Try and use your knowledge to your advantage! Profit from your skills!

This lens will try to provide as much information on how it works and ways to be successful.

Fan Duel is a fantasy sports game that allows users to bet on daily or weekly sports leagues. The creators have also done a good job making varied game styles/promos to keep things interesting.

2. Source of fun for fantasy junkies (like myself).

Expert- $55,000

1. Either way, it beats winning the lottery in terms of odds.

Impossible as it seems, it’s not all that difficult to do this. Source of revenue through the referral program.

2- Running Backs

Fan Duel can be many things to various users:

Beginner- $65,000

Let’s take a look at the basics of how Fan Duel works.

League contests are smaller (compared to tournaments) and typically run from 3-250 players. For example, you can turn $25 into $25,000 in the Sunday Bomb contest. These players cost less but can outperform a premium player.


How To Explain American Football Video

Sports Football betting is undoubtedly one of the most common approaches to sports wagering, as it brings forth a broad selection of sports lines for both NFL football and college football betting and presents bettors with many interesting wager options. These components are categorical in determining how American online football is played. It is one of the most popular sports in America. This article aims at…

The World of Football Betting Explained. American football is like a token that is supposed to reflect a number of several things though it is always characterized by tools and defined by its rules governing each step of play. Despite the extensive array of interesting opportunities for making profit on the outcome of football matches, note that it ……

Playing American Online Football Games

Like any other online football game, American football is classified with unique components such as board and pieces, miniatures, cards, a ball or computer. The list with popular football betting opportunities includes, but is not limited to, seven different types of bets: straight bets, over/ under bets, parlays, teasers, money line wagers, half time bets, and future bets