Boys Who Want to Read Like Middle Schoolers

This books with a second grade readability is still popular up to fifth grade.. Other superheros have come in other forms, such as the lunch ladies behind the cafeteria counter. These full-length novels are complete stories that are illustrated in which the pictures are important to the telling of the story.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series does not necessarily fall under the graphic novel category, but its illustrated format does not automatically categorize it with regular novels. The same is true for James Patterson’s Middle School or I Funny series. Characters deal with middle school topics but the reading level is lower, around fourth grade.

The Bone series by Jeff Smith is another example of graphic novel that entice struggling readers who want to read within their interest level. Krosoczka created The Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute and has a complete series. It is still an enjoyable read, especially for middle schoolers who can relate to the main character Greg Heffley’s adjustment to school or anyone who wants a fun perspective of school and family life. Jarrett J. Easy reading for middle school interests, this nine-book series even earns high reviews from other parents of struggling readers.

Superhero comics such as Marvel Comics have created hardcover stories to read out to this kind of audience.

Visual readers who enjoy comics are likely fans of graphic novels

Landscaping Ideas for Small Yards

There is no dearth of landscaping ideas for small yards. Thus, water can be a very interesting element for decoration. A small fountain or a rock garden having a fountain can add elegance and a unique dimension. You can also consider designing it in a Zen (Japanese) style with a bridge and stone path. Some ideas are given below.

Design Ideas

Flint the Stones

If you have a front yard, having a path made of cobbled or plain stone can be one of the best bets. It will give a welcoming feeling to the visitors and will give a different look as well. To add to that, stone paths do not take a lot of space. Flagstone and slate are two good options, when it comes to a stone path. Have creeping plants meandering between the stones for a green look rather than a totally dry one. This is one amongst the many interesting residential landscaping ideas. Brickbats and BouquetsIf you are bored of patio paves and concrete-edged designs, use bricks, i.e., have a brick edging. It is available in a lot of varieties like a scalloped block or delicate patterns. Using a brick edge of your choice will keep the ground color contained, and appear neat and clean. You can further base some greenery around the bricks – shrubs, flowering plants, grasses, and creepers. Rise and ShineHave a raised flower bed. Although, maintaining a flower bed might be a bit tedious. Water WorldThe impact water has on most of us is simply magical. Actually, you can maintain a small one with greater ease, and it would not even imply that you would have to compromise on the designing. So, don’t despair if you are not blessed with a big yard and instead have a small one. This style has water as a very important element. Unique IdeasA yard can be made to look bigger by having smaller and shorter grasses, shrubs, and the likes in front; and taller grasses and plants can be at the back or corners. This can create an illusion of your yard being bigger and will give it a depth. Consider having lighter hues in the flowers you choose, or the type of grass, and the overall decor to make the place appear bigger and spacious. Team this up with wrought iron and free-standing plant hooks to further impart a vertical look. Eventually, the mantra is to keep it simple and not fill up the arena with everything you can think of. With careful planning, you can manage to do this task very well and on a budget.. It is said that all good things come in small packages. This might not be as easy as the earlier two. Perhaps a research as to what kind of flowers are suited to the local climate, and the kind of soil you have and other issues would have to be done. This is not very harsh on your pockets, as the area you are looking at is not huge. A bit of visualization and creativity will lead you to come up with even better ideas

I’m going to VEGAS! Can you give me some tips/tricks/warnings/etc.?

‘MGM Grand and The Mirage both have WAR tables, which are great for playing when you’ve a few too many free drinks in the casino.’. Well, to show people how our community can be helpful, I came up with the idea of all of us Hubbers coming up with short, informative and funny Vegas tips/warnings/recommendations/etc. Yeah, I know…pretty sweet, eh?

These should be no more than 2-3 sentences that give the person reading them some advice, information or just a good laugh when they read them.

‘Craps is your best best when making money, assuming that you didn’t just learn to play it by watching your hotel room TV.’

I know that we can come up with some good ones, so give ‘em to me and thanks for your help!


For example, I could say:

It’s true, I’m officially taking off to Vegas this weekend to represent HubPages at one of the largest blogging and new media conventions in the world, Blog World and New Media Expo. Also, they don’t need to specifically be for Vegas, they can also just be tips on playing cards, gambling or how to make some money playing craps.

One of the things that I emphasize is the fact that we have an amazing community of writers who truly love writing, reading and mingling on HubPages. Watch out Vegas, here comes HubPages! smile

So, while I’m out there I’m going to be communicating the awesomeness of HubPages, which involves a type of ‘HubPages Vegas Bag O’ Goodies’ that will include some different things that make HubPages such a great place to write. I’ll add one Hubber’s Vegas thoughts in each bag, so the more that I can get, the better. that I can include in the bag that I end up giving to people this weekend

HP Looks Set to Fire Fired CEO Léo Apotheker. Now What?

Now HPs board looks set to kill Apothekers tenure to focus the company on finding new leadership.

Refocusing the company on enterprise and cloud may still make sense as a strategy, but the particulars of how, when or even whether that will happen cant be treated as certain any more.

So even if Apothekers ouster will satisfy those calling for someone to be held accountable for this mess, HP will likely be chaotic for quite some time.

This partially explains some of the strange HP news items that have filtered out since Apothekers controversial move to scuttle HPs TouchPad tablet and the Palm/webOS smartphone and hardware division. The boards Raymond Lane also received a promotion, from Chairman to Executive Chairman. Lesjak was Apothekers point person on the conference call breaking the bad news on future quarterly projections and supporting her bosss play to axe Palm and spin off the PSG. No word on whether Palms smartphone and tablet hardware division will get a reprieve or not. All of them have a stake in preserving their own units and reputations; big shake-ups of the kind Apotheker proposed, coupled with his brief tenure and relative lack of allies within HP, were bound to lead to a large number of very powerful and deeply unhappy people.

Im really curious what Catherine Lesjak, HPs CFO and a one-time interim CEO, thinks about all this. Those people dont play.)

After a string of disappointing quarters, Hewlett-Packard CEO Lo Apotheker killed the Palm hardware unit and proposed spinning off personal computing to focus the company on enterprise software. Apothekers reign shows that when a new CEO tries to carry out the business vision of the outgoing chief, the company will lose its way.

When you run a company as large and varied as HP, you effectively manage a team of junior CEOs who each are charged with giant companies. Some even sued, claiming the companys executives misled investors about how badly it was stumbling.

Still, it wasnt clear what exactly was happening; industry sources I spoke to whod heard some of the earliest reports were equally inclined to see it as a trial balloon, an attempt by unhappy forces within HP to force the boards hand, or even some kind of complicated ruse to flush out bids for HPs personal computing division. The New York Times had the fullest account of the boards reported deliberations, citing unnamed insiders not authorized by the board to speak publicly.

Add tanking stock, an inability to attract buyers for the PC division, increasing outflows to customers and vendors over the TouchPad debacle, and what seemed to many like an overenthusiastic acquisition price for British business software company Autonomy, soon both large and rank-and-file investors were profoundly displeased, too. Whatever forward might turn out to mean.

Also, HPs upstream suppliers in China and Taiwan now say that ex-CEO Apothekers plan to spin off HPs PC and hardware division may be cancelled, meaning that HP will continue to be a major force in consumer computing after all.

Updates 2 and 3: HPs board did indeed name Meg Whitman its new CEO on Thursday. Publicly, Whitman says shell continue to pursue the companys current strategies, but mostly confines that to the announced plan to acquire business software company Autonomy. (If you want to hear some stone realpolitik Kremlinology, talk to people in the business-facing software business. Three weeks ago, we wrote that HP/Palm seemed to be actually be adding webOS engineers and managers; this week, reports emerged that nearly the entire webOS team would be sacked through massive layoffs.

Now, though, Apothekers ouster at least seems quite likely. Update: According to multiple sources speaking to AllThingsD and the Wall Street Journal, the Hewlett-Packard board is expected to name Meg Whitman the new (not interim) CEO after the markets close today (Thursday).

Early reports that HPs board was meeting to oust Apotheker and potentially replace him with ex-eBay head (and California gubernatorial candidate) Meg Whitman began filtering out through press leaks yesterday morning. Stewart published a story treating the firing as practically a fait accompli, with on-the-record sources giving accounts of a deeply dysfunctional board ambivalent about hiring Apotheker in the first place. Skip To: Start of Article.. According to these unnamed sources (familiar with/briefed on the situation), the board either has met or will meet today to formally agree to generously sack Lo Apotheker by offering him a fat severance package, which these days is de rigueur for talented Fortune 500 CEOs who need to be quickly shown the door.

The HP board may not make a decision on Apotheker until as late as Friday, AllThingsDs Kara Swisher reports. An interim CEO may simply carry out the planned personal computing group spinoff and try to keep the company afloat until it decides who would best lead the company going forward.

Go Back to Top. Even if the Whitman trial balloon rumors turn out not to be true and most of the credible sources willing to dish about everything take pains to emphasize that discussions about Whitman are early, she may not be hired, and she isnt exactly a perfect fit it seems like the board is serious about making another major change, and that Apotheker is in trouble.

If HP does move to hire a new permanent CEO, all bets are off. The Times James B

Casino-Gaming :: How To Win Lotto: The Most Effective Way To Pick Your Winning Numbers (Page 1 of 2)

A random selection of numbers can not, by definition, form a pattern.

You only have to scan the daily tabloids or internet search engine listings to know that everyone and their dog possesses some unique method of busting the odds or predicting the winning numbers of any lottery in the world.

The answer is simple.

How To Win Lotto: The Most Effective Way To Pick Your Winning Numbers

By all means, go ahead and have fun using these products to choose your weekly numbers. Although interesting, these systems have absolutely no bearing on your ability to predict the winning numbers, nor your chances of winning a prize. It is not possible to consistently and reliably predict a random event. The most important of the three ‘laws’ is this…. End of story. If you just heard yourself say “No theyre not,” dont bother reading on youre fooling yourself, and I dont want to waste your time any further.

But seriously, should you change your numbers, or stick with the same numbers all the time (in case they are drawn)? It’s a good question, and one that vexes more lotto players than they care to admit.

Page 1 of 2 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 | Next

So, what IS the most effective way to pick your winning numbers?

If you want to know, I always choose my numbers randomly (it’s a function of the winlottosystems wheeling software I use) because it’s easy, and I don’t have to think. To this end, any product that claims to analyze patterns in actual lottery results or help you predict the winning numbers of your favorite lottery is a scam.

Your choice of selections has absolutely no bearing on the numbers which will be drawn this week, or any week for that matter. It just cant be done, nor will it ever be possible. When you consider the potential multi-million dollar fortunes on offer, picking your lotto numbers can seem like a complicated and stressful affair. Full stop.

Lotto is a game of chance based on a random selection of numbers.

This advice is dispensed about as frequently as a new system for picking this week’s lucky numbers is announced. Just never bet your house on them.

In spite of the enormous odds, and regardless of the type of prize you are seeking to win, you can always depend on three universal principles* or laws every time you play lotto anywhere, anytime. Anyway you choose. Grasp this concept, and you are well on your way to lotto success.

Lottery Numbers Are Totally Random

I am yet to see any computer system or software package that can reliably and consistently predict the winning numbers of any lottery in the world. Nothing could be more rewarding than cashing in a one- or two-dollar lottery ticket for a million-dollar jackpot.

Mark Collard

Never Change Your Numbers?

Consequently, do not concern yourself with coupon patterns, hot numbers, frequency statistics or other implausible good luck charms. To suggest otherwise is to appear gullible and stupid

Six Easy Peasy Ways of Making Money Now

If not, Im sure youll grasp the concept; if youve got some items

(clothes, video games, old mobile phones etc.) that you no longer make use of then sell them! Use an online auction site like eBay, or even sell to a

friend or family member and revel in the boost to your bank balance.

So betting can actually lose you money (and we wouldnt want that, would we?) but there are ways you can manipulate sign-up offers to win some free money.

Often, online bookmakers will present new customers with an incentive to register usually involving a free bet of the value of 10 or higher. This particular article has been submitted for the online lender

Ferratum UK who specialise in text loans and short term cash loans.

Ok, so just starting a blog wont make you masses of money (in fact, it wont make you any money at all initially) but it could help you develop

some long-term gains as long as you dont suck at writing, anyway.. Although, I would suggest that you pack in the day job just yet.

You may be earning a fair wedge from your existing job but are you making the most of the money thats coming your way?


Your rating: None Average: 3.5 (2 votes)

Dont kid yourself. 5)

Take advantage of free bets


Start a blog

Well, thats where this article can help you (and your wallet) out. Two benefits

to this one; youll get in your boss good books and youll receive some extra doe to match.

Author’s Bio:

The writer of this article, Matthew Wood, is a regular contributor to the blogging

world and likes to contribute content that is both informative and bloomin good to read. Check into your bank or building society and organise a meeting with a financial advisor. After some vigorous research (does Google count?), Ive been able to compile seven

unique ways of making money that doesnt involve slogging away from 9 to 5 everyday. But well, it does earn you money, so what are you

complaining for!? If youre not tied-down with extra-curricular commitments then have a stab at asking for some overtime from your employer. Everybody loves the opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash.

Who knew all that wasted time playing video game could actually pay dividends? Thats right, it is now possible to win money through various online

tournaments that are run by companies like Virgin (disclaimer: again, you have actually need to be pretty competent in this field).


Flog your unwanted goods

But wouldnt earning money be even greater if it wasnt that difficult dare I say easy? What about if you actually enjoyed (at least a little

bit) the task that proceeded those crisp notes finding the way into your pocket?


Ask for overtime

You may be familiar with the saying One mans trash is another mans treasure. Simply take

advantage of these bets by placing the money on a dead cert and youll have the cash back for you to deposit into your bank! (Alternatively, keep on

betting until you lose all your winnings and rue your carelessness).


Check the state of your savings accounts

If its all going into one savings account, then the likelihood is that you arent. Not everything on this list is fun per se – at least not this last entry. It will cost you nothing and youll get some top quality

advice on how to make some extra cash on your savings (or interest).

Creating a free WordPress or Blogger account is straight-forward enough and from there you can monetize your venture by using some Google advertising.


Online gaming

Ok, I admit it, I lied. So how can you earn money from a bank account? Its called interest,


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I know that winning powerball jackpot can be very frustrating because the game itself is randomly selected. You can see plenty of instances where everyone is getting it wrong or setting it up right.

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To Much Better Your Earnings Companies Must Buy Instagram Likes By : Justine Tarr

But if that’s how Instagram works, then why is there a need to buy instagram followers?

Here is my blog … A poker machine or the fruit machine was a shiny item in the casino house of the older times and represented a fun concept of the gambling.

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Winning powerball jackpot is not as complex as people use think.

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Which Game Is The Best For Playing?? I Have An Answer! By : indorummy

It is never uncommon if you come across such questions! To tell you the truth, I always come across such bizarre questions and bang my head over wall! I am a gamer and I knack exploring games.

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The world today has become materialistic and stressful which made relaxation essential for healthy lifestyle of individuals. Do a favor and learn what NOT to perform too.

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Indorummy Congratulates Team Germany For Winning Fifa 2014 By : indorummy

Indorummy is an online Indian rummy game site, which always support and laud any type of games and encourages the players with is panegyric mind. Also be aware that there are various things to avoid at the same time. It became essential for the online games to improve their essential functionality. Power ball lottery is not fun game, is a game you need to play applying good strategies.

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I am a regular lotto player and I use to play using lottery system as part of my strategies. How to get good and great lottery system is the difficult aspect of searching for lottery system. And yes, card games involve little bit of mathematics too thus, making it a game of skill. It is played based in a five card draw.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs and Meanings

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Tags: Togel, Toto SingaporeMemiliki Permainan Online Bolatangkas. I don”t want people to keep loosing their money playing this game. Taking a day or two off from work doesn’t serve the purpose. Lottery system is wonderful if you use the right one. Market Outlook On Console Video Games In Greater China, 2013-2018 By : Market Reports on China presents a report on “Market Outlook on Console Video Games in Greater China, 2013-2018″. Many people keep playing this game without any plan or strategy at hand. Retain studying, keep enjoying and youmay find your gaming becomes better everyday. The main purpose of playing powerball is to win it one day. First and foremost, they”re a souvenir that reminds people of their stay in Nevada. Many folks seek suggestions while neglecting to review the bad ones

John Legend engaged to model Chrissy Teigen

While the food enthusiast brushes up on her culinary skills, since proposing, the singer has been catching up on his sports intake, writing about several games on his Twitter page.

With the beauty coming from Thai-Norwegian ancestry, the couple stayed with her parents, plus Chrissys sister and her fianc, enjoyed a Turkey dinner on Sunday and taking part in numerous cooking classes, according to her blog.

Love was definitely in the air over the festive season as actor Matthew McConaughey also asked his model partner, Camila Alves, for permission to take her up the aisle.

xCulinary queen: Chrissy posted pictures of the Thai trip on her blog at Christmas

‘John Legend and his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, got engaged over the holidays while vacationing in the Maldives,’ Legend’s spokesperson, Cindi Berger, told People magazine. Pad Thai, Panang curry, and som tum, or papaya salad.

xObsessed: Teigen tweeted about her fiance’s love of sports during their holiday

The Green Light singer, 32, popped the question to his new fiance, 26, while holidaying in the Maldives last week.

The Washington-born beauty commented: john has managed to watch every sports game no matter the sport or internet restrictions in any country we’ve been in.

The entertainer whose new album with The Roots is titled Wake Up will help the Nevada club kick off 2012 with a bang when he takes to the stage for their New Years Eve event.

xGreen Light: The Sports Illustrated model and the singer – who have been dating since 2007 – headed to Thailand to visit her parents after he popped the question

The musician is expected to make his first public appearance since the announcement when he performs at The Pearl at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas this weekend.

Following the romantic gesture, Legend who has been dating the Sports Illustrated model since 2007 headed to Thailand with Teigen.

ByLeah Simpson

Updated: 08:39 GMT, 28 December 2011

John Legend and his model partner Chrissy Teigen are engaged.


A representative confirmed their plans to wed.

xWalking up the aisle: John Legend, 32, and Chrissy Teigen, 25, got engaged last week while vacationing in the Maldives

On Christmas Day she wrote: Did another vacation cooking class! This one wasnt quite as interactive – everything was already chopped and measured and chopping is pretty much our favorite thing ever

Information About Madras Fabric

Blending it with polyester can make it colorfast and more durable, but with the compromise on its coolness.


Segregate dark colors from the light ones before washing.

Use mild detergents for washing; detergents should be non-chlorinated.

This type of textile is bound to get wrinkled after wash. It’d be better if you don’t let the cloth dry completely, and iron whilst damp.

So, next time you think of dumping off your plaid shirt, think of the beauty of this fabric. The primary use of Madras fabric is for making summer garments, owing to its cooling property.

Madras is everywhere, right from jackets, shorts, and pants, to skirts and dresses.

It is also used for making accessories like bow ties, neckties, headdresses, belts, and watchbands, to name a few.

This fabric is also used in the making of golf apparel and other sports outfits.

Bedspreads, tablecloths, pocket squares, and handkerchiefs are also popularly made of Madras fabric.

So, What is Madras Fabric?

Do you have anything in plaid? We’re sure most of you would answer saying ‘you do.’ But if we ask you whether you have something in Madras fabric, would your answer be the same? Well, we bet, most of you have this checkered pattern thing at home. Thus, it isn’t an authentic Madras cloth if it doesn’t have the same pattern on both the sides.

Uses of Madras Fabric

Madras fabric has an interesting history. This was woven using yarns that have been dyed with only vegetable dyes, and no synthetic dyes because on washing this cloth, the dyed yarns would literally ‘bleed’ color as they were not colorfast. The breathing ability of the cloth makes the wearer feel cool during burning summers.

The true Madras fabric is not colorfast and is susceptible to fading.

This is one of the least expensive fabric that’s available.

However, with goods, come the odds. Federal Trade Commission, the Madras fabric cannot be labeled or advertised in the US, unless it has come from the city of Chennai.

Characteristics and Properties

The definition of Madras fabric is a lightweight cotton fabric that comes with plaid designs and patterned textures.

This Indian fabric is made by weaving together threads of different colors, creating beautiful squared patterns.

These yarns are generally combed or carded, thereby producing this fabric in plaid, checked, or stripped patterns.

Madras is usually associated with summer clothing, ’cause ‘true madras’ is 100% cotton

Famous Golf Game

whenever you discover your imaginary line, that is the line of flight journey you wish your ball will achieve.

In the environment, your arms around the club need to do some thing for winning the game. After these verify factors are accomplished, perform your swing. We make certain your system is parallel for your clubface. Right after we have invested ample time around the exercise green, we then carry the balls on the generating range.

Then we placed the arms correctly around the golf club, placed the confront so it’s facing my “spot” four to six inches forward from the ball, and placed my system so I’m parallel to my clubface for the target. I also advise getting your exercise swing even though searching at your target to enforce this psychological imaging.

. This procedure will form a habit when rehearsing will boost your capability around the course to play golf with callaway razr x irons. Our system needs to be slightly left from the target given that our golf ball is parallel to it.

While you need to do this, and make certain you might be position straight at the rear of the ball. We possess the exact same theory for any program for callaway razr x right here as we do around the exercise green: discover an imaginary line on the ball for your target and carry a exercise swing even though searching at the target from this position. I tell my college students which you gain more exercise for taylormade r9 fairway wood by hitting twenty balls to some target and obtaining a program than hitting one-hundred out in to the assortment viewing how much they are heading to go.

To do this, discover some thing forward of the ball around four to 8 inches to line your clubface with so as quickly as you might be parallel on the target you do not lose your line. When you are discovering an imaginary line on the ball for your target and getting a exercise swing.

At this stage, a lot of men and women just desire to see how much they could hit their driver! do not start there-start with you nine metal and deliver the results via your bag! use a target in thoughts and placed your thoughts on that. Permit me clarify these two steps