UK Ad Watchdog Spanks Bet-at-home Pubic Promo

The promo promised a No Lose Month Throughout January and the ability to Play Risk Free throughout January with 100% Cashback on Net Losses.

The promo went on to specify that certain terms applied, including limiting the promo to a selected number of games on selected days, while capping the total net losses at 10 or 20 and requiring the refunded sums to be wagered at least once before withdrawals were permitted. The ASA called bullshit, noting that the tweet was written in English, referenced an English team playing a match in England and contained zero references to non-English subjects, such as foreign currencies.

Bet-at-home also said their Croatian affiliate hadnt acquired any UK customers and the link was geo-targeted, meaning any punter who clicked on the link in the tweet would be automatically directed to the Bet-at-home site in their home market..

The ASA also took issue with a no lose promo on the website of Sky Vegas, the online casino division of UK operator Sky Betting & Gaming. While the ASA acknowledged that Sky Vegas had listed the offers limitations, it nonetheless determined that the limitations contradicted, rather than clarified, the offers headline claims. The ASA ordered Sky Vegas to be more upfront in future ads. Emblazoned on the womans knickers was the phrase: If you can read this its your lucky day.

The affiliate deleted the tweet after being notified of its wider than expected reach and promised to take greater care in future, although he noted that the promoted match was a Europe-wide event.

The tweet, which was posted last November by Croatia-based affiliate BetPromotions4U, featured a close-up photo of a woman in the process of pulling her trousers down.

The ASA received two complaints that accused Sky Vegas of misleading punters through the use of the phrases No Lose and Risk Free. Bet-at-home stopped masturbating long enough to respond that the ad was indeed generated by their Malta office but wasnt intended for a UK audience.

On Tuesday, the UK Advertising Standards Authority publicly rebuked the Malta-licensed Bet-at-home, a subsidiary of French online betting operator BetClic Everest, over a racy tweet by a Bet-at-home affiliate. The tweet, which was promoting a Liverpool FC Europa League match, directed UK punters to the UK version of

April 13, 2016

bet-at-home-too-sexy-promoThe UKs advertising watchdog has rapped the knuckles of online betting operator Bet-at-home for linking gambling with sexual success. The ASA ordered Bet-at-home to be more socially responsible in future.

The ASA felt the ad breached CAP Code prohibitions against linking gambling activity with sexual success

HOW TO STOP GAMBLING: Belief And Attitude

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Unfortunately, believing is simply not enough – Transcripts

Not so subtle a statement there. It is Sudoku Day here on AMERICAN MORNING. You cannot repeat them vertically or horizontally or within these individual boxes.

JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN SR. So that’s good.

Thanks, Kelly Wallace. Can’t it?


DAVID MATTINGLY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hello again, Miles. This fire is pretty small, and it is burning in a remote canyon area near Malibu.

ZAIN VERJEE, CNN ANCHOR: And I’m Zain Verjee, in for Soledad.

The advice though, Joe — the advice I’d give this guy is, Maya has nothing to worry about.

O’BRIEN: The Duke of Sudoku. Miles was telling you about this just at the top of the hour. And we’re exploring those.

WILL SELVA, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: Former player and current assistant coach Rick Tocchet will meet with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman in New York today. Keep preaching. I mean, this — the idea of civil rights in America has become now a consensus. OF INSURANCE: It could be a religious bias. I do, however, think that in a more subtle way, this actually rebounds to the credit of President Bush.

VERJEE: No — 5 here? All right. And at the memorial service, a number of political people made the point to honor Paul Wellstone’s memory, vice president — ex-vice president Mondale who was running in the state should be elected. Chad Myers off today, nursing his cold and cough that he has.


It was an extraordinary scene outside Atlanta yesterday.

So, you know, Edwin Marin is here to give…


GREENFIELD: Oh, that was his.

Some live pictures coming in to us from our affiliate KABC out in California. But he has some bags, I’m happy to report.

Coming up, big trouble at one of the nation’s biggest airports.


VERJEE: Do you do that just 4, 4, 4, or do you do — you know, do you just jump progressively to 4, 5, or whatever strikes or catches your eye? Like maybe just 1 here?

MARIN: This is easy one. These are some new pictures coming in to us here at CNN. The idea that this is going to have some political implication, you have to really be overcommitted to endless analysis, which some of us on cable news are to think that.

O’BRIEN: Was that one of yours?

MATTINGLY (voice over): Smoldering ash and cement block steps, that’s all that’s left of the Morning Star Baptist Church in Boligee, Alabama, one of four burned Tuesday morning in rural western Alabama, one of nine in an apparent arson spree that began in another county on Friday. You’ll recall that story. I’m not a big crossword puzzle fan.

O’BRIEN: It was quite a funeral, six hours. Officials trying to figure out how to get the fire crews on the ground there since it is a very remote era. And now Iran’s president has his own idea about political correctness.

Elsewhere, plaster casts are made of tire tracks in the mud, possible signs of a quick getaway. Am I concerned for both of them? Sure there’s concern from me. How does this work? You know? I’m just getting my head around this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): Amazing grace how sweet the sound

VERJEE: Well, give us some tips.

VERJEE: Do you have to be patient?

Jeff Greenfield is here to talk about the implications of all of this.

VERJEE: All right. And it’s only just caught on here in the United States.

O’BRIEN: Arson the inescapable conclusion in more church fires in Alabama, but investigators still have no suspects. But it isn’t just confined to the sports world. So you know in this section you have to have a 5 a 7 and 9.

O’BRIEN: And while the president offered a dignified tribute bereft of political rhetoric, other speakers used some of their time at the pulpit for partisanship, as well as praise.


It became an article of faith on the political right that this had become a real ugly moment, when partisanship replaced memorials. ANALYST: Well, I can’t say that, because she was such a symbol of a particular moment in American political history. But does that create other problems? We’ll tell you.

MARIN: And once I pick up on a number, I’ll stay with that number. At least two people were killed in those explosions. No? What about that? What about here?

Back in 2002, shortly before the election, Senator Wellstone was killed in a plane crash.

You excited?

VERJEE: And you’re going to help us learn how to do this. And within hours, I think when the funeral was still going on, this popped up as the headline on “The Drudge Report,” which often begins the transmission through the — through particularly conservative media. That’s the simple rules. The liftoff was originally set for Tuesday, but strong tailwinds and a fuel leak grounded that flight.


Kelly, the King is coming to meet the president.

Hey, look. After the funeral yesterday, Kate O’Beirne, a prominent conservative writer, said liberals don’t know how to keep politics out of their funerals. Poverty abounds. That memorial service happened literally three or four days before the election.

MARIN: Correct.

O’BRIEN: No, it can’t be.

Another wildfire also to tell you about, this one burning east of Los Angeles. We’ll explain what that means and what the lingering political implications might be with Jeff Greenfield. A lot on their agenda, of course, including the protests by Muslims around the world and the Hamas elections — or Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections.

MARIN: Correct.

O’BRIEN: The civil rights leader, the Reverend Joseph Lowery, turned up the political volume, praising Coretta Scott King and criticizing the war in Iraq in the same breath.

O’BRIEN: Right. A live report just ahead.

MARIN: Exactly.

MARIN: I was.

VERJEE: He says with a gleam in his eye.

Now, we’ve set up a Sudoku puzzle. But there was no politics in that speech. And we will hopefully have this done in about 30 seconds, all right?

Turning to Iraq now, where there have been three bomb blasts within 30 minutes today.


VERJEE: I tried something…

O’BRIEN: And millions of us can’t get a good night’s sleep. I also look for repetition in numbers. You were on a plane.

O’BRIEN: Because you know 4 can’t be there horizontally, can’t be there horizontally. So it has to be there, no matter what.

I mean, this — they call you “Duke of Sudoku,” right?

Return to Transcripts main page


Alabama Church Fires; Funeral for Coretta Scott King Turns Political; Gambling Ring

Aired February 8, 2006 – 08:59 ET

THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. It’s coarse, isn’t it?

And Zain, as Miles was mentioning, it will be five-minute catnaps, and also I guess some nutritional milkshakes to calm the stomach. He says Muslims have a “false picture” of his country. The elections the first in six years. What were your thoughts on this as you watched this unfold? Did it surprise you, first of all?

If everything goes as planned, Fossett should land near London on Saturday. We are watching it closely for you this morning. So 4, 4, and now where’s it going to be here? We know it can’t be in those two horizontal lines, right?

VERJEE: More protests over controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. She joins us now. And I think for people who are not politically committed — I mean, if you don’t like George Bush, this was fine. JAMES POSEY, MORNING STAR BAPTIST CHURCH: What kind of joy, what kind of satisfaction did you get out of doing what you did? We weren’t bothering you.

O’BRIEN: All right. O’BRIEN: “The New York Post” headline, you won $5,000 and a trophy, beating out, what, about 1,600 other competitors to win the Sudoku championship for “The New York Post.”


VERJEE: What are your strategies?

We want to shift gears, though, a little bit on a developing story that we are following very closely. I’m like you guys, I’m trying to figure it all out.”

MATTINGLY: There is no known motive, no known suspects, but a growing mountain of evidence. For war, billions more.


GREENFIELD: Well, when you remember the history of the black church in America in terms of the civil rights movement, I mean this is where Martin Luther King — Reverend Martin Luther King organized the Montgomery boycott, bus boycott back in ’56. Very quickly, as I mentioned, one through nine. And there was a backlash to it that may have helped the Republicans take that Senate seat.

MARIN: Actually, I was flying from Munich to London. Now, you’ve written your share of speeches for Bobby Kennedy, as a matter of fact, in a previous career.

And on the fire front, in a much different part of the world, in a different motivation, in a different cause, more churches could be in danger today.

Will Selva, at CNN, Atlanta. Right off the bat, I see that the repetition in fours makes we want to start in this section. We’re going to be right back. Would you have ever injected — if you were writing this — this kind of a talk, this eulogy, would you have injected politics in there? Think about it honestly.

O’BRIEN: Yes. We’ll be following the story and bring you developments as we get them.

GEORGE W. And this one has destroyed more than 6,500 acres. The brave widow turned fearless civil rights warrior laid to rest.

I think on appropriateness grounds, you probably would be a lot more subtle.


Again, you’re looking at some live pictures of this fire. There were also — there was some booing, apparently, not that much, directed at some Republican senators there. And the full range of emotions as Coretta Scott King was laid to rest. He’s now airborne, trying to break the record for the longest nonstop flight in history. Thanks, Zain, for that.

O’BRIEN: Give us some tips.

VERJEE: Yes, diet milkshake. I’d scan there and there to know that that’s a 4. That is ahead on AMERICAN MORNING.

O’BRIEN: But now you — you got the bug.

We’re now in early February. I am excited, although a bit worried that all these numbers I’m going to glaze over.

VERJEE: It is.

Thank you. He escaped without injuries. There could also be a Hollywood connection. So it has to be here. I’m Miles O’Brien.

O’BRIEN (voice over): It was the kind of funeral Martin Luther King was denied, the 10,000-seat congregation filled with members of Congress and four presidents. The gambling ring has a connection to organized crime in Philadelphia and New Jersey. There were songs, prayers, praise and a healthy dose of politics.

O’BRIEN: David Mattingly in Alabama.

And on the Daily Kos, which is a site from the left, the argument was these conservatives had nothing to do with civil lights, they have no right to lecture us. JOSEPH LOWERY, CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER: She extended Martin’s message against poverty, racism and war. They really don’t know why. That’s good news.

GREENFIELD: Yes. King Abdullah of Jordan sitting down with President Bush.

O’BRIEN: There you go.

MARIN: Correct. She deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way afar.

VERJEE: A potential embarrassment for the National Hockey League. The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigating arson and civil rights violations potentially at four rural Alabama churches. Was it appropriate? We’ll take a closer look at that.

VERJEE: Miles, let’s check the headlines now with Kelly Wallace. I was talking to Will Shortz, who of course has written several books about this. We’ve got to tell you who he is.

O’BRIEN: OK, not that long a flight. Some are calling it a Wellstone moment. Keep going.

MARIN: Right.

O’BRIEN: And just to give you the basics, you want to use all the digits. Show us.

VERJEE: Just have to know how to count.

MARIN: Yes, I do.

O’BRIEN: You sort of get the sense that these days nuance is dead. And these are also some new pictures coming in to us regarding one of those attacks.

Nevertheless, we are watching this very closely as the weather conditions for fires persist there.


O’BRIEN: But there’s — it sounds so simple, and yet the logic employed, depending on how many numbers you are provided, how difficult the puzzle is, can be very taxing. And since it’s right here it can’t be here. Among those accused, several NHL players and Janet Jones, the wife of hockey’s greatest player and current Coyotes head coach, Wayne Gretzky.


I tell you what, before we get going, one that we haven’t shared as much with viewers this morning was former President Carter making reference to wiretaps, which of course has historical parallels here to Martin Luther King Day. Most people spend their time at work not working but doing this. So you’re going to show us how you fill in those empty spots. O’BRIEN: Whom can do that, do you suppose? Who were you thinking of in this case?

Hello, Bonnie.


GREENFIELD: Among others. And maybe you can use other sections to pick that up.

O’BRIEN: All right.


MARIN: Just because I see 4s there.

MATTINGLY: One thing investigators can’t say right now also is whether or not these are racially motivated. So it’s got to be here.

JAMES CARTER, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We only have to recall the color of the faces of those in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, those who are most devastated by Katrina to know that there are not yet equal opportunities for all Americans. And he’s been taking that for a few days to save him from going to the bathroom too often. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Coretta Scott King showed that a person of conviction and strength could also be a beautiful soul.

O’BRIEN: Well, yes. After that, though, I’ll go to another number. If you like George Bush, this was horrible. And Rush Limbaugh on his Web site went off on Joseph Lowery, whose piece he played, and called it — and this was really the key, as you mentioned in your intro to this, “a Wellstone moment.”

In an investigation called Operation Slap Shot, Tocchet allegedly took about 1,000 bets totaling $1.7 million.




Here’s what Gretzky had to say about this: “The reality is, I’m not involved, I wasn’t involved and I’m not going to be involved. And a record number are popping pills to solve that problem. Like, what’s the best way to attack something like this?

I think for a lot of people the idea is, do you really do this at a funeral?

MARIN: I’ll start out just scanning the puzzle, as I said. They used to send this guy to Washington and I kept score in the Oval Office desk. We don’t even know you. We’re watching that new fire burning in California. Fierce Santa Ana winds are said to be fueling those flames in that fire. Thank you.

O’BRIEN: And you don’t need a dictionary for this. And Bonnie Schneider is the at CNN center. Oops.

BONNIE SCHNEIDER, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Hi, Miles. So that can give you some clues.

EDWIN MARIN, “NEW YORK POST” SUDOKU GRANDMASTER: Just very quickly, in this, you have to get one through nine in every row, in every column, as well as in every three by three section. Interesting.


Meantime, hundreds of people in Sarajevo took to the streets today. The location is Calabasas, California.

MARIN: Well, no, the other thing you can focus on is, where there’s a lot of numbers provided to you. Just because you see 4s there?

O’BRIEN: Got to be here.

O’BRIEN: So you jump around.

O’BRIEN: All right.

MARIN: Not that long.

O’BRIEN: Among others. Lowery, 21, Bush 3.

MARIN: Once I find the first number, I’ll start with that and I’ll take it as far as it lets me go.

O’BRIEN: All right. Yes.

O’BRIEN: Kind of trapped on a long flight.

MARIN: Yes, you do. Do you do that as well?

O’BRIEN: All right.

CARTER: It was difficult for them personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the targets of secret government wiretapping, other surveillance. Included in the investigation are members of organized crime, current players, as well as the wife of a hockey legend.

GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I would like to say something to my friend Joe Lowery.

Investigators say this professional hockey coach is a gambling kingpin.

O’BRIEN: Welcome back. It’s hard to keep politics out when you consider that part of what Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King represented was a huge political shift. It could be a number of motives. Investigators say an NHL assistant coach is behind a nationwide gambling ring. this morning, where it just seemed easier to hide certain parts, to cover certain parts so your eye focuses on one thing and then, you know, you just sort of move it around. I’m more worried about them than me.

The funeral for Coretta Scott King turns political. Sudoku, the Japanese have been doing this since the ’80s. And the timing there very different than here.

O’BRIEN: Moments later, the former President Bush rose in defense of his son, using humor to try and deflate the tension.

O’BRIEN: Bonnie Schneider. A 9 is not going to in that row. The big question in this, why is someone singling out these Baptist churches — Miles. On a flight. That’s added to the five churches that burned last Friday. Ballot counting is now under way. Live pictures from our affiliate KABC. But I do think that — that, look, one of Robert Kennedy’s greatest speeches came when he told a crowd in Indianapolis that Martin Luther King had been shot. Zain is down in the newsroom and she’s become an instant Sudoku expert. I was. Right?




KELLY WALLACE, CNN ANCHOR: That is right, Zain. This protest one of the first mass demonstrations over the cartoons seen so far in Europe. We know a 7 and a 9 aren’t going to be on those. We’ll tell you why Philadelphia had to shut down their operation overnight. So when I started this, I found it to be much more entertaining, I could pick it up quicker, and I got hooked on it ever since. I mean, he came to the funeral, changed his plans, made a gracious speech. There is only one empty number there, so… Specially trained dogs lead investigators to substances that may have been used to start the fires. And congregations are now learning — Baptist congregations are learning just how quickly their fortunes can change here in rural Alabama.

MARIN: No, you don’t. Well, it worked. We should mention, by the way, that Martin Luther King was wiretapped during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations at the direction of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was a hero of that movement. That’s an iconic moment.



But what struck me also was how quickly this became an item within the other side, within the political right. And broken doors on several churches indicate forced entry.

The Danish prime minister now defending his country in the wake of criticism over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.


MARIN: Right.

VERJEE: And I want some tips from you, because, you know, I wasn’t very good.

O’BRIEN: You know you need a 4 there. Now, I don’t want to — I mean, the problem is, when you get to be my age, you always think that the tomatoes were better in the old days. He says one of the key things is use multiple strategies, but whatever strategy you start, play it out completely and then move on to the next one. There is nobody arguing that Martin Luther King was on the wrong side of history. And maybe that was a more appropriate way to talk at a funeral.

New Jersey authorities say the bets were on football and basketball, but not hockey.


Let’s get to Zain.

O’BRIEN: Was that one of yours?

LOWERY: Millions without health insurance. We have no indication at this juncture that this fire is threatening any homes. You can get stuck.

VERJEE: … It was very helpful.

VERJEE: Yes, an instant expert, yes.

The fires bring to mind more than 30 churches, most with African- American congregations, burned in the southeast a decade ago.

MARIN: Sure.

MARIN: And since it’s up there it can’t be here.

And more on those political jabs at the Coretta Scott king funeral.

MARIN: Correct.. But no more for the poor.

David, good morning. It can be whichever one I stare at.

“Hannity & Colmes” last night on FOX, it was the lead item. We’re referring to the late senator. Don’t give up your day job. And probably if you want to make your political points about the president, there are other venues to do it. Continuing with 4, we have a 4 on this column and a 4 on that column, so that 4 has to go down there.

(END VIDEOTAPE) O’BRIEN: Let’s check the forecast once again.

Right? Aren’t you?

Let’s turn now to CNN Sports Correspondent Will Selva in Atlanta.


GREENFIELD: There was a quote from (INAUDIBLE) about tragedy.

GREENFIELD: Right. And he told us when the talk turned to politics, he cringed a little bit — Zain.

Also, a record number of Americans are relying on sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest.

I’m with Edwin Marin, and he’s a grandmaster. A 7 is not going to be there.

GREENFIELD: Absolutely. It wasn’t a fair fight.

O’BRIEN: And on we go.


Back with more in a moment.

O’BRIEN: Ed’s never heard of that one, I think, Zain. Those whipping Santa Ana winds continuing to come off the mountains, dry vegetation leading to the fires we’ve been seeing.


The hot Santa Ana winds continue to blow in southern California, whipping up flames like you see here.

Sorry, Ed.

This is Ventura County — not Orange County, as we’ve been showing you over the past couple of days — in a remote canyon in Calabasas. Many are hoping this will be a new chapter for the poor island nation that’s been plagued by violence in the past.


MARIN: Personally, I like to jump around the puzzle always. Sanjay Gupta will give us details. Is this an easy, medium or hard one?

O’BRIEN: Well, let’s talk about this, because when you talk about a Wellstone moment, timing is an awful lot in politics.

O’BRIEN: Tell us about that. Tocchet will answer questions about his involvement in what could turn out to be one of the biggest sports betting scandals in history.

Just a little over 24 hours ago you could have looked behind me and seen standing a small, quaint country church. Coretta Scott King was remembered amid praise and politics. This kind and gentle woman became one of the most admired Americans of our time.

O’BRIEN: OK. That’s some 27,000 miles in 80 hours. Former president Jimmy Carter reminding us of the current administration’s failures in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. As they get harder, definitely be patient. So give us…

O’BRIEN: Back with more in a moment.

David Mattingly joining us now from Boligee, Alabama, at the site of one of those fires. But nevertheless, were you instantly kind of enamored with this whole thing?

Another bombing targeted Iraq’s minister of higher education.

Tens of thousands of voters turned out Tuesday. It could be somebody angry at the Baptist churches. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED.

GREENFIELD: You know, that was a moment that nobody wrote that for him. It could be a devil, satanic thing. Thanks much.

O’BRIEN: OK. We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there.

Former presidents Carter and Clinton, civil rights legend Joseph Lowery used their time at the pulpit to take some jabs at the current administration with the man, as you see, seated a few feet away, President Bush. Well, that clearly is no longer the case. Jeff Greenfield, excellent.


VERJEE: Yes, 6 — 6 over here. Of the nine churches that have been hit, they’ve hit both black congregations and white congregations.

Let’s listen. But are they really a long-term answer? I think you know the answer to that question in your heart of hearts.

O’BRIEN: Now, we spoke to the bishop of that church just a little while ago, Eddie Long. But Coretta knew, and we know, that there are weapons of misdirection right down here.

And it is take two for Steve Fossett. Is that a sort of tip for beginners, or you’re just so great you just didn’t need that?

Early election results in Haiti could come later today – Breaking News | Latest News

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Internet Gambling Companies Indicted for Fraud, Money Laundering

. customers.

The 52-page indictment also alleges that conspirators used electronic checks to try and disguise their payments.

The indictment identifies four individuals as the payment processors — Ryan Lang, Ira Rubin, Bradley Franzen and Chad Elie.

Franzen was arrested March 16 in Chicago on a previously issued criminal complaint and is scheduled to have an arraignment in New York on Monday. banks and effectively bribing others to assure the continued flow of billions in illegal gambling profits,” Bharara said in a prepared statement. “Meanwhile, some of the poker operators themselves have claimed that U.S. George, Utah, which allegedly processed more than $200 million for Full Tilt and PokerStars.

The Justice Department has filed a civil complaint for money laundering that seeks $3 billion being held by the companies. An attorney for Elie could not be located by ABC News.

“This is a potentially game-changing moment for the online poker industry, as PokerStars and Full Tilt are, by quite some distance, the two largest operators not just in the U.S., but globally,” James Kilsby, Americas editor with the business intelligence service GamblingCompliance, told ABC News.

“Previous DOJ enforcement efforts have honed in on sports betting operators and payment companies,” Kilsby said. gambling laws do not apply to poker. players who have accounts on the websites.

The issue of Internet gambling has been debated on Capitol Hill recently, with legislation being proposed both for and against it.

According to a federal indictment, the owners of the companies sought ways to get around restrictions placed on U.S. who lied to United States banks about the nature of the financial transactions they were processing and covered up those lies through the creation of phony corporations and websites to disguise payments to the poker companies.”

The allegedly phony websites included online flower delivery shops and pet supply stores that would handle credit card payments to get funds from U.S. It seems clear from today’s action that the Justice Department doesn’t agree.”

Isai Scheinberg and Paul Tate of PokerStars, Scott Tom and Brent Beckley of Absolute Poker, and Raymond Bitar and Nelson Burtnick of Full Tilt Poker, the indictment claims, engaged in a scheme “to deceive United States banks and financial institutions into processing billions of dollars in payments for the poker companies, by, among other things, arranging for the money received from United States gamblers to be disguised as payments to hundreds of non-existent online merchants and other non-gambling businesses.”

The indictment alleges the poker-company owners “relied on highly compensated third party payment processors … The owners and founders of the three largest online gambling sites in the United States have been indicted and charged with bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses.

“Some of the defendants found banks willing to flout the law for a fee,” Janice Fedarcyk, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s New York Field Office, said in a prepared statement. banks that prohibited them from handling financial transactions connected to online gambling. “The defendants bet the house that they could continue their scheme, and they lost.”

Federal prosecutors and FBI agents also have obtained a district court order to block 76 bank accounts and five Internet domain names associated with the poker websites.

The owners and operators of the websites all are outside of the United States and were not in custody.

“Foreign firms that choose to operate in the United States are not free to flout the laws they don’t like simply because they can’t bear to be parted from their profits,” said Preet Bharara, the U.S. In April 2010, Campos also allegedly sought a $20,000 bonus that he allegedly called an “invoice” for “Check and Credit Card Processing Consulting.”

“These defendants concocted an elaborate criminal fraud scheme, alternately tricking some U.S.

New York prosecutors say they’ve issued restraining orders against more than 75 bank accounts in 14 countries used by the poker companies, which they say will interrupt the illegal flow of billions of dollars, according to The Associated Press.

Eleven individuals were charged over their involvement running PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker for violating the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. “In exchange for this agreement to process gambling transactions, the banks received sizable fee income from processing poker transactions as well as promises of multi-million investments in the banks from Elie and his associates.”

With the seizure of the websites, it is unclear what will happen to the funds of U.S.

“Chad Elie … Attorney’s Office but entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S.

Campos was arrested this morning in St. government and returned such funds to their owners. attorney for the Southern District of New York, where the case was filed.

Also indicted was John Campos, vice chairman of the board at SunFirst Bank, based in St. George, Utah.

Members of the conspiracy allegedly agreed to invest $10 million in SunFirst, which gave them a 30 percent stake in the bank, according to the indictment. PokerStars is registered in the Isle of Man, Full Tilt is registered in Ireland and Absolute Poker and its associated companies originally was founded in Costa Rica but is now registered in Antigua. In 2007, NETELLER, a firm that handled online gambling transactions, was charged by prosecutors from the New York U.S. and his associates were, however, able to persuade the principals of certain small, local banks that were facing financial difficulties to engage in such processing,” the indictment reads. “We allege, in their zeal to circumvent the gambling laws, the defendants also engaged in massive money laundering and bank fraud.”

The indictment alleges that Elie was deeply involved in negotiating with banks to secure processing transactions.

Justice Department officials said they were in contact with local law enforcement agencies in those countries and Interpol to seek their arrest.

Elie was arrested in Las Vegas, where he was slated to appear before a federal magistrate

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Top 10 Facts about Texas Hold’em

Each player is dealt two private cards face down, which are also known as “pocket cards”.

3. The player to the left of the last person to call is the first player to reveal their hand.

Good Luck!

There is no question that Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular forms of Poker, in fact it is actually one of the most popular games played on the internet. In order to prevent cheating the player that is the delater must discard the top card of the deck, which is known as the Burn Card. The best hand in Texas Hold’em is a Royal Flush. This prevents players being able to see what the next community card will be. The first three cards are called “the flop”, the fourth card is known as “the turn” and the fifth card is called “the river”. When there are two players left the person that is the dealer would be the small blind. I have provided a list below of important facts, rules and Texas Hold’em terms that everyone must know before heading to your next Texas Hold’em game.

Top 10 Facts about Texas Hold’em

1. 2. There are five community cards which are placed by the dealer. The pot can consist of money and/or chips.. This consists of an Ace high straight all of the same suit. During the game players have the option to bet, check or fold.

4. The blind bets are forced bets by two players. Texas Hold’em became very popular in the early 2000’s due to the increase in television exposure and the ease of playing the game on the internet. Most people are familiar with the no-limit version of this game, since this is how it is played on the World Series of Poker. Texas Hold’em was first introduced to Las Vegas in 1967 by a group of Texan gamblers and card players. It is one of the easier versions of poker and it does not take long to learn how to play. When dealing the cards the player that is the small blind receives the first card.

7. A small blind is the player to the left of the dealer and the big blind is the player to the left of the small blind. The odds of getting this hand are approximatley 1 in every 650,000 hands. Once the last community card has bee dealt and all bets have been made the remaining players must reveal their hands, this is known as the showdown. Other versions of the game include limit and pot-limit.

6. It is common in hold’em tournaments for the blinds to increase as the tournament progressees. The game was only offered in the Golden Nugget Casino for the first couple of years.

5. Bets can be made by any player prior to the flop, on the flop, on the turn and/or on the river. The next best hand is a Straight Flush, then a Four of a Kind, a Full House, a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and One Pair. When none of the players left in the round have any of the ranks of hands in Texas Hold’em then the player with the highest card will win the pot.

8. Once a hand has been completed the pot is awarded to the player with the best hand, or can also be divided between two players that have equal hands, also known as a tie.

9. In Texas Hold’em players complete for what is known as “the pot”. A dealer button represents who the dealer is, it rotates clockwise after each hand is complete. Each time a dealer puts down a new community card they have to burn a card.


Oddsmakers in Las Vegas Are Betting on a Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Win

Casinos in Las Vegas think Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have a better shot at winning the Super Bowl than Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos have of getting past the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend.

Oddsmakers at Cantor Gaming have the Packers as 9-5 favorites to win the Super Bowl on Feb. “The Patriots and Saints combined have a better chance than the Packers.”

The Patriots, the top seed in the AFC, are being given an 18 percent shot, while the Saints are being given a 15 percent chance, Bell said.

Cantor lines give the 49ers 12-1 title odds and the Giants a 20-1 shot, both contenders in the NFC.

Longtime oddsmaker Kenny White said the Packers are still generally considered a dominant team that bettors will like.

“I think they’re the same as the Patriot team that went 16-0″ during the 2007 regular season, said White, an analyst on cable sports betting show “The Linemakers.”

“This year, with the Packers’ dominance, they should be that big of a favorite,” he said.

Bell said he thinks the long odds on Denver are an invitation to Tebow fans to back the popular Broncos quarterback more despite his struggles.

“You’re going to have a naturally biased betting group that are going to want to bet the Broncos,” he said.

Colbert said that while he expects plenty of Broncos bettors, they’ll likely be disappointed if they expect Tebow to deliver a title.

“No chance — absolutely no chance,” Colbert said. “The Tim Tebow factor is a big deal — no matter how he plays or whether he wins or loses.”

. 5, and the Broncos as 120-1 underdogs to win the NFL title.

But the Packers (15-1) are weak enough on defense to make it more likely that another team will prevent them from repeating as champions, Cantor Race & Sports Director Mike Colbert said.

“Offense seems to rule the day right now in the NFL, but I’m not sure that defense will be able to hold up long enough to win it all,” Colbert said.

Sports gambling expert RJ Bell of says that after adjusting for fees, sports books think the Packers, the top seed in the NFC, have a 32 percent chance of winning the Super Bowl.

“That, to me is the story: Not how prohibitive of a favorite they are, but the fact that they’re being given less than a one in three chance,” Bell said

Why Daily Fantasy Sports and All Online Gambling Should Be Legal

Allowing government to use that excuse is actually allowing someone else to interfere with and infringe upon our individual freedoms.

As for calls for significant regulation, I think that an industry like DFS that has grown very quickly and become very valuable can find a way to self-regulate. If you lose, you may find the loss worth the entertainment value. And thats it.

Related: Why This Fantasy Sports Company Is a Dream Come True for Fans

When it comes to DFS or online poker or even to games of pure chance, the reality is that there is no infringing about those that infringes on any third party. Of course, there needs to be some regulation that complies with the normal operating laws of every business, but again, common sense principles should apply.

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Its a simple fact that people like to have a stake in the things they support. The participants in DFS contests and even online poker include very savvy number crunchers, who, if they feel that the platforms that they use are compromised or manipulated, will leave for another choice of platform. The common-sense premise is that you have rights until they infringe on other peoples rights. They are young, so they are still finding their way, but they should do so for their own benefit. If you win, you may find yourself better off. Someone else may want to take $75 and make a wager on the outcome of the same game to be a stakeholder. Some people may take $75 and buy an NFL team sweatshirt before their favorite teams game as a way to be a stakeholder. Moreover, the minority of people who make those extreme poor choices shouldnt restrict the rights of the majority to eat, drink, make silly purchases or even gamble as they please. Our gaming laws are outdated and inconsistent with the rapid change of living in a global, connected world. Your consequences are your own. Their disruption is not that different than Airbnb and Uber that challenge heavy legacy regulation in the hotel and taxi industries, respectively. Its time for us to take a stand and demand that our right to make and spend our money as we choose not be infringed upon by the people who are supposed to protect our rights to begin with.

Related: Is Airbnb ‘Great for New York City?’ New York’s AG Definitely Doesn’t Think So.

. Overspending on clothing, eating too much and drinking too much are just some of the many ways that people can overindulge and hurt themselves. Well, guess what? So have many other things. You may even become worse off, but that should be your decision to make and your risk to calculate.

In our country, we have the freedom to earn money and to spend it on all kinds of things that others may find inane and wasteful. Where we are allowed to pursue life, liberty and happiness and where we are endowed with certain rights that are ensured and protected by our Constitution.

I have heard the argument that gambling losses have negatively impacted lives for people who make bad decisions or become addicted to it. We can buy overpriced handbags, gym shoes, homes and all kinds of impractical things. The government should be involved in creating rules and laws to ensure that one persons freedom does not take away from somebody elses.

As the Attorney General of New York has filed an injunction against major DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) sites including FanDuel and Draft Kings, a debate is being waged on whether fantasy sports is a game of chance or skill. While I personally believe there is skill involved (not at all biased by my current second place standing in my own season-long NFL Fantasy Football league), I think it’s the wrong question. But if its our money, why should any government — whether local, state or federal — have a say in how we spend it or deem what we need protection from? In a country based on freedom, they shouldnt. Its not the governments job or business in a free, secular country to decide which one of those personal expenditures is allowed.

The creators of DFS platforms are disruptive entrepreneurs, leveraging technology to create a new entertainment venue. But that needs to be their choice and their consequence to live with. The question should be, Why isnt all online gaming legal?

We should push to make it so.

We live in a country where freedom is supposed to be a cornerstone principal

PSG Are Front Runners :

They are currently 28 points clear of second-place Monaco, and I dont think Mourinho would want to be in a spot like that. The man revels in competition, and there is none in the French league.

There is also the possibility that the link to PSG is nothing more than a ruse created by the Mourinho camp in a bid to get United to take more action.

Inter Milan 10/1

And yet despite the Dutchmans torrid season they lie fifth in the Premier League, four points behind Arsenal, and are favourites to win the FA Cup with only Everton, Crystal Palace, and Watford standing in their way. At the time of his boot up the ass, they were one point clear of the relegation zone after a mind-boggling start to the season.

Jose Mourinho is the most sought-after coach in world football, a fact that has not sneaked passed the nose of Paris St Germain (PSG) chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

Real Madrid 4/1

But What About Manchester United?

Man United 5/4

England National Coach 20/1

Paris St Germain Evens

Before PSGs move, the smart money was on Mourinho to replace Louis Van Gaal as the manager of Man Utd in the summer. It seems I wasnt alone in that thinking.

According to Sky Sports presenter Andy Burton, an unnamed source has told his news team that the PSG chairman approached Mourinho via his agent Jorge Mendes in the wake of that disastrous defeat against City. Van Gaals philosophy has gone down like a lead balloon at United, and although Mourinhos managerial style may not see the return of the fast flowing attacking football that United fans grew to expect from the Sir Alex Ferguson era, its an obvious connection given his availability.

Sir Alex Ferguson had always denied reports suggesting that he didnt believe Mourinho was a bad fit for United, instead explaining to anyone who would like to listen, that he simply wasnt available to the club when he left, after declaring his intention to return to Chelsea.

Laurent Blanc was recently handed a two-year contract by PSG after winning his fourth straight Ligue 1 title. Its not inconceivable that the United board will allow Van Gaal to see out his contract before handing the reins to Ryan Giggs.

April 20, 2016

Manchester United fans hopeful that Jose Mourinho will replace Louis Van Gaal at the end of the season will be a little worried after Sky Sports report that Paris St Germain is head hunting the former Chelsea man.

Is Mourinho up to His Old Tricks?

Jose Mourinho Next Job Betting Odds: PSG Are Front RunnersWhen PSG crashed out of the Champions League to Manchester City, I questioned whether Laurent Blanc had taken them as far as he could? It was the fourth time that PSG had crashed out of Europes premier cup competition at the quarterfinals stage, and I knew the Qatar owners would want more for their significant investment. He had never finished outside of the Top 7 of any league he had worked in and won eight titles in the 15 seasons he has been in charge of the likes of Uniao de Leiria, Porto, Chelsea (Twice), Inter Milan, and Real Madrid.

Current Odds (Courtesy of BetVictor)

Working as a pundit on Sky Sports on Monday Night Football Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas said when questioned about Mourinhos departure that he trusted his team too much, gave them more holiday because they were champions and that the team let him down.. So where will Mourinho end up?

Mourinho, 53, was sacked by Chelsea in December, seven months after leading them to their third Premier League title under his tutelage. The Special One has won the Champions League with Porto (2003-04) and Inter Milan (2009-10).

Its the first time in Mourinhos managerial career that his ability as a coach has been questioned