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Quiz about movies and academy awards puzzles attract movie buffs. That is also a chance to be taken when competing to get prizes online.

One soft drink company during cricket matches offered fabulous prizes online for a competition. There are casinos online offering prizes. Information about changes in government directives can also win prizes. But it is not the fact. Knowledge about TB day, women’s day – such days fixed for inviting attention of the people to a particular point is worth giving a prize. There are many word games for winning prize or just for practice. Game theory, does not favor anyone. Take calculated risk and win prizes on line, participating in the events offered.

Acquiring facts and figures about current events in any subject and connect them with past events is an exercise which will sustain the quest for knowledge, with an incentive like prize.

There are unscrupulous elements everywhere. They can participate in online games specially designed for children. Videos with voice, depicting a moment in a match with a particular mood like funny, new/fresh or entertainment factor clearly communicating one passion for cricket was to be uploaded. Word games like crossword puzzles, scrabble, word search, and word craft – any many such games can win prizes online.

Children can win prizes online. Few of them are single player games. Scams also find place in quiz to award a prize. If actual skills are rewarded and prizes given, the chances of players will be equal. Six winners will be selected from eligible entries that can get prizes.

Finding number of triangles in a figure and number of dots in a particular configuration in a figure can win an online prize. MOU signed with government by private corporations and changes in business act is also a subject. Calculated risks are always part of life. Entering competitions to contests to win prizes make the game more interesting. Deep knowledge about various subjects, reasoning power, logical thinking, word power, lightning responses of body and skill acquired by practice – all can win a prize online.. There are countless waiting for fleecing innocent people online. Puzzles can develop reasoning power. Knowledge about inventions, sports events and sportsmen can win prizes online.

Improvement of vocabulary and word power is important factor in communication skills. There are sixty three types of puzzle games on a site. Chance of winning a prize online attracts all to the sites. Genuine judgment of skills should be impartial. Majority of the games are to match skills with others, compete and win prizes.

Prizes offered differ from small amounts to very big amounts. There are offers of online prizes with an entry fee where participants cannot win. About the Author:

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Most of the board games and card games depend on luck or statistics of occurrence of an event at a particular moment. Even corporate level decisions making involves some factor of risk

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