How to Bet on Horse Races: A Beginner’s Guide

$2 Exacta on 1 and 6.”

Betting Simplified (I hope)

1. Then, give the

type of bet (see below); and

. The standard bet is usually $2.00. First, give the name of the

track (Churchill, Pimlico, Belmont,

Santa Anita, etc.);

B. If he comes in 3rd place, however, I get

nothing. Second, give the

dollar amount of the bet;

A. Finally, give the

number of the horse(s) you’re betting on – No names

So, the language would be something like this: “Churchill

Downs. Examples would be:

2. Win = the winner; Place = 2nd place; Show = 3rd place

2. If the bet is for later, say the

number of the race between Steps 1 and 2.

   (a) “Santa Anita. Single horse: When betting on a single horse,

consider the following:

Note: Your bet will automatically be applied to the current race unless you specify a different race that you want to bet on.

3. If you don’t

state a specific dollar amount at the counter, your bet will usually be based

on this minimum and be split or multiplied according to the bet.

1. $100 on #6 to

Show.” If #6 comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

place, I win something. Betting on the lesser position gives you a win in that

category or higher (but at a lower payoff).


   (b) “Churchill.

$100 on #6 to ‘Place’.” If #6 comes in 1st or 2nd place, I win something

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