I’m going to VEGAS! Can you give me some tips/tricks/warnings/etc.?

‘MGM Grand and The Mirage both have WAR tables, which are great for playing when you’ve a few too many free drinks in the casino.’. Well, to show people how our community can be helpful, I came up with the idea of all of us Hubbers coming up with short, informative and funny Vegas tips/warnings/recommendations/etc. Yeah, I know…pretty sweet, eh?

These should be no more than 2-3 sentences that give the person reading them some advice, information or just a good laugh when they read them.

‘Craps is your best best when making money, assuming that you didn’t just learn to play it by watching your hotel room TV.’


I know that we can come up with some good ones, so give ‘em to me and thanks for your help!


For example, I could say:

It’s true, I’m officially taking off to Vegas this weekend to represent HubPages at one of the largest blogging and new media conventions in the world, Blog World and New Media Expo. Also, they don’t need to specifically be for Vegas, they can also just be tips on playing cards, gambling or how to make some money playing craps.

One of the things that I emphasize is the fact that we have an amazing community of writers who truly love writing, reading and mingling on HubPages. Watch out Vegas, here comes HubPages! smile

So, while I’m out there I’m going to be communicating the awesomeness of HubPages, which involves a type of ‘HubPages Vegas Bag O’ Goodies’ that will include some different things that make HubPages such a great place to write. I’ll add one Hubber’s Vegas thoughts in each bag, so the more that I can get, the better. that I can include in the bag that I end up giving to people this weekend

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