Information About Madras Fabric

Blending it with polyester can make it colorfast and more durable, but with the compromise on its coolness.


Segregate dark colors from the light ones before washing.

Use mild detergents for washing; detergents should be non-chlorinated.

This type of textile is bound to get wrinkled after wash. It’d be better if you don’t let the cloth dry completely, and iron whilst damp.

So, next time you think of dumping off your plaid shirt, think of the beauty of this fabric. The primary use of Madras fabric is for making summer garments, owing to its cooling property.

Madras is everywhere, right from jackets, shorts, and pants, to skirts and dresses.

It is also used for making accessories like bow ties, neckties, headdresses, belts, and watchbands, to name a few.

This fabric is also used in the making of golf apparel and other sports outfits.

Bedspreads, tablecloths, pocket squares, and handkerchiefs are also popularly made of Madras fabric.

So, What is Madras Fabric?

Do you have anything in plaid? We’re sure most of you would answer saying ‘you do.’ But if we ask you whether you have something in Madras fabric, would your answer be the same? Well, we bet, most of you have this checkered pattern thing at home. Thus, it isn’t an authentic Madras cloth if it doesn’t have the same pattern on both the sides.

Uses of Madras Fabric

Madras fabric has an interesting history. This was woven using yarns that have been dyed with only vegetable dyes, and no synthetic dyes because on washing this cloth, the dyed yarns would literally ‘bleed’ color as they were not colorfast. The breathing ability of the cloth makes the wearer feel cool during burning summers.

The true Madras fabric is not colorfast and is susceptible to fading.

This is one of the least expensive fabric that’s available.

However, with goods, come the odds. Federal Trade Commission, the Madras fabric cannot be labeled or advertised in the US, unless it has come from the city of Chennai.

Characteristics and Properties

The definition of Madras fabric is a lightweight cotton fabric that comes with plaid designs and patterned textures.

This Indian fabric is made by weaving together threads of different colors, creating beautiful squared patterns.

These yarns are generally combed or carded, thereby producing this fabric in plaid, checked, or stripped patterns.

Madras is usually associated with summer clothing, ’cause ‘true madras’ is 100% cotton

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