Six Easy Peasy Ways of Making Money Now

If not, Im sure youll grasp the concept; if youve got some items

(clothes, video games, old mobile phones etc.) that you no longer make use of then sell them! Use an online auction site like eBay, or even sell to a

friend or family member and revel in the boost to your bank balance.

So betting can actually lose you money (and we wouldnt want that, would we?) but there are ways you can manipulate sign-up offers to win some free money.

Often, online bookmakers will present new customers with an incentive to register usually involving a free bet of the value of 10 or higher. This particular article has been submitted for the online lender

Ferratum UK who specialise in text loans and short term cash loans.

Ok, so just starting a blog wont make you masses of money (in fact, it wont make you any money at all initially) but it could help you develop

some long-term gains as long as you dont suck at writing, anyway.. Although, I would suggest that you pack in the day job just yet.

You may be earning a fair wedge from your existing job but are you making the most of the money thats coming your way?


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Dont kid yourself. 5)

Take advantage of free bets


Start a blog

Well, thats where this article can help you (and your wallet) out. Two benefits

to this one; youll get in your boss good books and youll receive some extra doe to match.

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The writer of this article, Matthew Wood, is a regular contributor to the blogging

world and likes to contribute content that is both informative and bloomin good to read. Check into your bank or building society and organise a meeting with a financial advisor. After some vigorous research (does Google count?), Ive been able to compile seven

unique ways of making money that doesnt involve slogging away from 9 to 5 everyday. But well, it does earn you money, so what are you

complaining for!? If youre not tied-down with extra-curricular commitments then have a stab at asking for some overtime from your employer. Everybody loves the opportunity to make a little bit of extra cash.

Who knew all that wasted time playing video game could actually pay dividends? Thats right, it is now possible to win money through various online

tournaments that are run by companies like Virgin (disclaimer: again, you have actually need to be pretty competent in this field).


Flog your unwanted goods

But wouldnt earning money be even greater if it wasnt that difficult dare I say easy? What about if you actually enjoyed (at least a little

bit) the task that proceeded those crisp notes finding the way into your pocket?


Ask for overtime

You may be familiar with the saying One mans trash is another mans treasure. Simply take

advantage of these bets by placing the money on a dead cert and youll have the cash back for you to deposit into your bank! (Alternatively, keep on

betting until you lose all your winnings and rue your carelessness).


Check the state of your savings accounts

If its all going into one savings account, then the likelihood is that you arent. Not everything on this list is fun per se – at least not this last entry. It will cost you nothing and youll get some top quality

advice on how to make some extra cash on your savings (or interest).

Creating a free WordPress or Blogger account is straight-forward enough and from there you can monetize your venture by using some Google advertising.


Online gaming

Ok, I admit it, I lied. So how can you earn money from a bank account? Its called interest,


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