Sports Betting Referendum Passes with New Jersey voters

Although organizations tied to sports such as the National Football League do not support gambling or betting, it is hard to say that it is not a widely practiced past time. Jason Thorpe, of Long Branch, has seen firsthand the decline in the numbers of people frequenting casinos in Atlantic City. If legalizing it can help the casinos that are a large part of the states economy, then it is something that can benefit New Jersey residents all around, Thorpe contends.

Other voters fear that sports betting will alter the culture of New Jersey and become something the state is known for. Mary Sue Murray, a resident of Forked River, expressed this concern when considering whether or not to vote in favor of the referendum. One thing is known, and that is that the people have spoken, and a majority are ready to see this change take place.

. It is the hopes of many government officials to have this law written, passed, and in action prior to the start of the 2012 NFL season. Critics to allowing sports betting fear that legalizing it will lead to an increase in gambling addictions because placing bets would be easier. Christie has voiced plans to develop a strategy following the passing of the referendum in order to implement sports betting. Now, the Republican governor sees the opportunity for the state to boost its economy and to do so legally. Sports are not supposed to be about betting or money, but rather camaraderie and teamwork. Another concern for some voters regarded how allowing sports betting would alter sports all together. Only time will tell how this new legislation will impact New Jersey and its 8.7 million residents. Governor Chris Christie voted not to support sports betting in 2010, yet in this election season is voting in favor of allowing sports betting. This opens a new chapter in New Jersey history, as the garden state will become the fifth state to legalize sports betting since the 1992 law outlawing it in most states. Thorpe, a former employee of a Chinese bistro located inside of the Tropicana Casino felt the struggling economys downturn when casino business declined, leading to shorter hours and less profit at the end of each shift. His earlier opposition arose from his lack of confidence in the complaint that called the states betting ban unconstitutional, not the actual practice itself.

Although still a hot topic of conversation, Governor Christie will support the choice the people make regarding this referendum and will act in accordance with the will of the people of New Jersey. Governor Christie sees the opportunity to legalize this practice as a way to not only control it in a safe setting, as well as raise revenue at ailing businesses such as the casinos in Atlantic City.

Sports betting, a hot topic up for debate during this 2011 voting season is a subject that draws peoples varying views to light. State Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) will begin introducing legislation on Thursday, November 10th regarding licensing for casinos. Sports betting is something that is widely practiced, and yet the state taxpayers are not benefitting from the activity because its being done illegally. Following the election, the referendum passed, meaning the next steps of actually allowing sports betting to begin in the garden state.

Governor Christies reason for voting in favor of legalizing sports betting is one shared by many New Jersey residents. Lets have the people who want to gamble on sports be able to do so legally and lets have the people who benefit from it be the people of New Jersey, not criminal organizations. Eventually, the economic distress of the casino would lead Thorpe to relocate to Long Branch in order to improve his financial situation.

On Tuesday, voters were given the opportunity to voice their stance on hot topics such as sports betting, lifting a ban on alcohol sales, and the merging of two towns.These topics foster opposing viewpoints, particularly sports betting which was on all ballots across New Jersey in Tuesdays elections. I fear that allowing sports betting will take away from what the games are about, the values portrayed in the events.

My problem all along was, without this type of referendum, the lawsuit was bound for failure, Christie said. Christie continued, Lets get that economy out from underground

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